Fasten Your Seatbelts – It’s Time to Demolish Hair Transplant Myths

As opposed to popular belief, hair transplants are not as evident anymore as they were previously. Long gone are the times of visible hair plugs and ugly surgical scars. With latest innovation and development in every field, it is now being performed with absolutely minimal invasive techniques, which give for amazingly natural looking results.

Despite the fact that it has become quite popular among people experiencing male pattern baldness and other hair loss conditions, there are still numerous myths and misconceptions about a hair transplant. To help people understand the benefits of a hair transplant, it’s time to demolish and debunk the myths.

  • Myth #1 – Scars Are Easily Visible

In the early days of a hair transplant, linear scars were quite easily visible. However, with technological advances in the medical field, the expert surgeons can reduce the visibility of post-surgical scars significantly. The small of scarring can be easily covered with the help of hair that regrows at the donor area.

You need to find a renowned surgeon who specialises in minimal scarring a priority in strip donor treatments. There are many techniques in which hair at the wound site grows through the scar line, effectively hiding the signs of a hair transplant. This makes patients a lot happier with their results and more positive in flaunting their fuller locks.

  • Myth #2 – Surgery Means Plugs

It got name in its initial years as it was a time when treatment attempted to fill in the baldness, but frequently ended up giving a plug like look. However, hair plug and other attachment has become a thing of past times. Technological advancement has replaced previous tools with cutting edge systems that leave practically no indications of surgery, simply natural looking growth.

Actually, hair transplants are hardly recognizable among the overall population, so you can keep your balding history a complete secret. In a recent report from an International Society that oversees field of hair development, it was reported that 90% of people around the world couldn’t recognize the results.

  • Myth #3 – The Treatment Is Painful

A Hair transplant doesn’t include much pain and just need a local anaesthesia to numb the area where surgery is supposed to be performed. A few patients encounter distress during the invasive surgery, but the pain can be reduced with the help of an oral sedative (prescribed by the doctor).

Patients won’t feel any pain during the surgery, once the scalp becomes numb. After the surgery is completed, dealing with your scalp appropriately for ideal results is critical. The natural scabbing process can get damaged due to vigorous washing or brushing. So, be gentle while handling your hair in the first few days. Follow the steps and eat the medicines prescribed by the surgeon.

Deep Tissue Massage Importance

A body massage that thoroughly invigorates and revitalises – the deep tissue massage is a massage therapy that re-aligns layers of muscles and deep tissues to release muscle tension and chronic knots by breaking them down. Using deep finger pressure and slow but firm strokes, a deep tissue massage is especially helpful to relieve aches and pains in areas such neck, upper back, lower back, calf muscle and shoulders.

During the body massage, you must tell the therapist what’s your comfort range the pressure points. This massage penetrates the deeper muscles and connective tissues.It has been used to relieve the strain from muscles in chronic stress and usage. Deep tissue massage may release contractures (fibrous healing) in a muscle area with previous injury.

• Reduces chronic pain – This massage has been often found to be more effective that conventional medicines when it comes to curing chronic pains. It works effectively your sore points by increasing blood circulation in the body. It also loosens tight muscle clusters and relieves you from the pain and discomfort of sore muscles.

• Relief from stress – A relaxing body massage by trained therapists at a renowned spa is a great way to do away with stress and associated headaches, sore shoulders and tight muscles. Soak in the benefits of the rejuvenating body massage and welcome a better lifestyle.

• Rehabilitating injured muscles – A thorough deep tissue massage by a trained therapist at a beauty salon and spa induces movement of toxins from injured muscles and subsequently, stretches twisted muscle mass. A relaxing deep tissue massage is a natural way to heal sports injuries.

• Breaks scar tissues – Regular sessions of this massage can break up and over time, erase scar tissues. Massage therapy improves lymphatic circulation and drainage to enhance flexibility of the affected area.

This massage has had beneficial focus on other physical ailments like:

• Repetitive strain injury like carpal tunnel syndrome.

• Sciatica

• Tennis elbow

• Fibromyalgia

• Piriformis syndrome

For good results post a relaxing body massage at a beauty salon and spa, it’s crucial to indulge in after care.

• Soak your body in a warm bath with Epsom salt. This is another great way of getting rid of toxins.

• If there’s soreness of muscles, you can apply an ice pack for relief.

• Drinking plenty of water and fluids will help flush out unnecessary toxins from your body and rehydrate muscles.

• Light exercises prevents muscle aches and pain post a deep tissue massage therapy.

Pamper yourself with de-stressing deep tissue massage and feel the difference.

What You Must Know About Trampoline Safety

Tumbling on the trampoline caught on like wildfire in the

early 1960s, and still enjoys great popularity today, but

the sport also still involves the same potential dangers.

Trampolines in the last 45 years have gone from being an

institutional or recreation center piece of equipment, to

something that is found in many homes, in a variety of

sizes and quality.

From a simple, round trampoline of relatively small

dimensions, to the large, outdoor models sold for family

fun, every trampoline represents the possibility of injury,

if not used properly, or if used by those not experienced

in tumbling or acrobatics.

Here are some simple tips to make your sure that you enjoy

the fun of a trampoline, while eliminating many of the


* Placement

Never set up even a small, exercise trampoline indoors

where there is a risk of hitting light fixtures or the

ceiling. Outdoors, place trampolines well away from

clotheslines, tree limbs, fences, outdoor furniture, and

other objects that can cause injury when someone falls off.

If at all possible, secure your trampoline by setting its

legs/supports down into the ground, thereby reducing the

distance of a fall. At the same time, it’s advisable to

provide padding to a depth of 10″ or more, for at least 10′

around the trampoline.

* Clothing

Anyone using the trampoline should wear clothing loose

enough to allow freedom of movement, but not the chance

that limbs could become entangled in extra folds. Jewelry

should be removed before getting on, as should the contents

of any pockets, and eyeglasses that are not secured by a

headband. If you do not have trampoline footwear, then bare

feet are best, as socks can cause you to slip.

* Training and Supervision

No child or adult, should be allowed to attempt complicated

tumbling such as summersaults, when they have not had

adequate training. Incorrect landing positions can cause

serious and disabling injuries. Supervision should be

provided for everyone who is learning to use a trampoline

for the first time.

Ideally, there should be someone on hand who can instruct

them in simple maneuvers, and who is also versed in first

aid for injuries. Alternately, it may benefit everyone, to

join a gym for a class in proper trampoline use, including

mounts and dismounts.

* One At a Time

The chance of injury soars when more than one person gets

on a trampoline at the same time. This can be the result of

collisions, or upsetting another person’s balance, causing

them to fall. Unless you are a trained “spotter”, all

others waiting a turn, should stand away from the

trampoline while someone else is using it.

Benefits of Surgical Hair Restoration

As per the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), the quantity of hair rebuilding techniques climbed more than 13% somewhere around 2004 and 2006. Around the world, the quantity of processes has matured by more than 30%. A huge number of people are exploiting the advantages, comfort, and moderateness that surgical hair reclamation offers.

The Benefits of Surgical Hair Restoration

Clearly, the greatest advantage to having hair transplants is the stylish change. You get a decent head of hair that you can style the way you need. Most men and ladies need to have a fuller, thicker head of hair.

Yet, the advantages don’t stop there. Having a decent head of hair can construct self-regard, ease insecurities, and build a man’s readiness to take part in more social exercises.

Numerous men and ladies who endure male pattern baldness get to be reluctant and may feel they are less alluring. As indicated by a late customer study, more than seventy-five percent of those asked conceded that men brandishing a full head of hair were sexier. A vast amount of people trust that balding would influence their social life or profession. Sixty-six percent of individuals reacting to a review by the ISHRS said that they would be concerned on the off chance that they were dating and were encountering male pattern baldness. Seventy-five percent said that they would be concerned on the off chance that they were simply beginning their profession and were encountering male pattern baldness.

Hair swap strategies have been performed for about a large portion of a century and have a fabulous record of security and achievement. On account of ceaselessly propelling innovation and practices, hair transplants look to a great degree. Today, specialists use follicle joins that contain just a couple of hairs. These littler unions are then deliberately put to reproduce a characteristic head of hair. Since they are the beneficiary’s own particular hair, the transplanted follicles will keep on developing all through the singular’s life.

Who Is At Risk for Hair Loss?

It is assessed that more than seventy percent of men will have some kind of male pattern baldness amid their lifetime. Ordinarily, huge male pattern baldness doesn’t start until middle age, however diminishing hair can begin as right on time as immaturity. Ladies may begin to experience male pattern baldness at any age. In ladies, a typical example of baldness is diffuse diminishing over the whole top of the head. Notwithstanding at what age it happens, balding can be an overwhelming knowledge-yet not one without an answer.

Balding happens for a mixture of reasons, including hereditary qualities, age, immune system illness, and anxiety. On the other hand, hair substitution or hair transplants are the main lasting approach to restore hair. Helpful and reasonable, surgical hair rebuilding is a favored technique for treatment.

Therapeutic hair rebuilding strategies are normally done in helpful outpatient surgery focuses or in a specialist’s office surgical suite. A nearby soporific and gentle narcotic guarantee no pain amidst surgery. While postoperative distress changes relying on the individual and the procedures degree, oral agony drug can control it. Numerous hair transplant beneficiaries don’t even require swathes and can come back to their ordinary exercises inside of 24 hours. Inside of three months of the hair transplant, the contributor hair will have started to develop at an ordinary rate. The hair develops, looks, and feels totally normal, which is the greatest advantage of all.

For detailed information on types of hair transplantation techniques and their benefits, visit

Information About Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are optical accessories which rest directly on the cornea (the transparent, dome-shaped window covering the front of the eye.). Their task is to provide a better and natural vision than present-day spectacles.

Distortion caused by side vision and eye-lens distance is eliminated in using lenses. With spectacles the eye-lens distance makes the size of the objects appear smaller or bigger than actual depending upon whether you are near sighted or far sighted.

Spectacles block the peripheral vision because of the frame. When you look downwards, upwards or sideways you are looking outside the perimeter of the lens which makes you look at object without the eye glasses resulting in distorted or blurred vision because you are not looking through the optic zone.

This is more so because of the smaller frames fashionable these days. When you wear them, regardless of which way you look, you are always looking through the optic zone resulting in perfect vision. They are resistant to scratches and easy breakage. They are also resistant to fogging and will provide clear vision even on a rainy day.

There are basically two kinds of lenses: Soft contact lenses and Rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses. Both types can be used to correct all kinds of vision problems – hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism.

Soft lenses are easier to wear and more comfortable. This is the reason why they are selected by more than 80 percent of users. RGP lenses are used only when you must wear them constantly over a long period of time.

Selecting a lens depends upon the result of your optical examination. It is a smart idea to tell your ophthalmologist that you desire to use contact lenses and not glasses, so that he/she can test your eyes in view of that. A number of ophthalmologists do not advise contact lenses unless you ask them for a set.

Wearing contact lenses is appropriate to certain people like sports persons, acrobats, riders, etc., because they do not get in the way of their professional life. If you are in any of these professions and have a preference to wear spectacles, you can wear them on the job and swap them for glasses in your free time.

The Major Types of Breast Implants To Choose From

There are many types of breast implants to choose from when going for a breast augmentation surgery. Nowadays, it seems everything that is useful for humans has so many options to choose from. Beginning with common food items to serious health choices like implants for the breasts, choosing what is best and right for you can be very overwhelming. Making the decision becomes hard considering the many available options. Nevertheless, because it is among the most vital decisions you must make for your body, you must choose the most effective implant for the breasts. This is so you can obtain the best possible outcomes. This article brings you the 3 most familiar ones so you can make a choice of what best suits you.

Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone breast implants are common and popular. Even though they were interrupted from the cosmetic plastic surgery field in the 1990s because of issues that were related to safety, they have now returned and are a lot safer than they ever were. They are normally filled with silicone and they offer women that use them a proportional, natural and beautiful feel. It normally takes some days for a woman to notice should they get ruptured. This is because silicone leaks very slowly into the patient’s body so it is not quickly noticed. But this poses no danger as silicone is a substance that the human body can dissolve completely. Vital features of silicone implants include;

  • Availability of diverse sizes.
  • A bit more expensive than saline breast implants.
  • Come with a textured or smooth shell surface.
  • Offer a feel that is more natural than that of saline implants.
  • When augmentation is thick-skinned, they offer less obvious rippling.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Gummy bear breast implants are rather new to the market and the cosmetic plastic surgery world. They provide women that use them with the most natural feeling and looking breasts yet to be provided by any other alternative. They are made from a gel of silicone that has a very high strength. These implants are becoming more popular by the day as more and more patients are choosing to use them for their breast augmentation surgeries. Their rising popularity is not unconnected to the most natural feel and look that they offer. Gummy bear breast implants hold their form and shape very well and for very long. They hold that form and shape much better and longer than both silicone and saline breast implants.

Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants also offer women who use them a rather natural appearance, proportion, feel and look. They are made from salt water or sale. They are very popular with patients whose main concern is health issues. This is one of the most positive features they offer to users. Should they rupture or burst at any point in time, they do not cause any issues or concerns from the health angle. This is because the saline solution which the implants contain is safely and easily absorbed into the patient’s body. Some vital features of saline breast implants comprise;

  • Availability of diverse sizes.
  • Come pre-filled or empty to be filled during implantation procedure.
  • Come with textured or smooth shell surface.
  • Permits implant size and volume adjustment after operation.
  • A bit less expensive when compared to silicone breast implant products.
  • Rupture of implant can be detected quickly.
  • In women whose breast tissue is thin, it is possible that the implant rippling be visible.

If choosing the right implant that will give you the best outcomes is your problem, you need to consult with your professional cosmetic plastic surgeon. He will then discuss the major types of implants for the breasts to choose from and the specific benefits of using each.

Why Are Antioxidants Important To Me?

Did you know that when we breath oxygen, it interacts with certain molecules in our bodies to create free radicals and that these free radicals damage important cellular structures such as DNA and cell membranes? Well, it is true and this damage may cause cells to function poorly and mutate. Free radical damage may lead to disease and aging.

We are exposed to huge amounts of free radicals from pollution, and pesticides. Every time you breathe, you take in millions of free radical molecules created by cigarette smoke, radiation, and automobile emissions. Every time you eat, you consume free radicals in the form of pesticides and preservatives.

This is where antioxidants come in. Our bodies have a natural defense system against these free radicals. Our immune system creates antioxidants which are able to neutralize free radicals and prevent much cellular damage. We also need antioxidants from other sources such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, some meat, poultry and fish.

I bet you may recognize these antioxidants: vitamin E, C and beta carotene (a form of vitamin A. Others include luetin, lycopene, magnesium, and zinc.

There has been much talk about antioxidants preventing heart disease which is so deadly that it results in an average of 1 death every 34 seconds. The American Heart Association says, ?Oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad”) cholesterol is important in the development of fatty buildups in the arteries. This process, called atherosclerosis (ath”er-o-skleh-RO’sis), can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Increasing evidence suggests that LDL cholesterol lipoprotein oxidation and its biological effects can be prevented by using antioxidants — both in the diet and in supplements.? In 1993, Harvard University researchers reported that supplemental doses of vitamin E actually reduced the risk of heart disease by as much as 54 percent!

And what effects can antioxidants have on the big ?C? word? This is a question that all of us are dying to know since one American in every three living today will get cancer, and one in four will die from it. The National Cancer Institute says, ?Considerable laboratory evidence from chemical, cell culture, and animal studies indicates that antioxidants may slow or possibly prevent the development of cancer. However, information from recent clinical trials is less clear.? Selenium, an antioxidant mineral can help protect against breast cancer. One expert, Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer of the University of California at San Diego, stated, “If every woman in America started taking selenium supplements or had a high-selenium diet, then within a few years the breast cancer rate in this country would drastically decline. And according to a study by Dr. Larry Clark of the University of Arizona, 200 micrograms daily of selenium cut the rate of prostate cancer by 69% and lung cancer by 34%.

So clearly antioxidants are important for all of us to strengthen and protect our immune systems and to help guard against disease. Antioxidants may even help us live longer. The theory is that if free radical damage causes aging, antioxidants in high enough quantities should be able to slow aging. This theory is advanced in one California study of people aged 50 or older, where it was found that those “… with a higher intake of vitamin C were found to have a total death rate only 40% of that for those with the lower intake of C … This decrease in the death rate corresponds to an increase by eleven years in the length of life.” Even small doses of vitamin C can help. According to one UCLA study only 300 milligrams a day can add 6 years to a man’s life and two years to a woman’s life.

Antioxidants are made naturally by your body but supplementation from food or other sources is needed. The highest concentrations of antioxidants are found in the most deeply or brightly colored fruits and vegetables such as spinach, red bell peppers, raspberries, carrots, apricots, pomegranates, and tomatoes.

Rash on Penis: Could It Be Herpes?

When a man notices a rash on his penis, he’s likely to get very concerned – and for good reason. Those most rashes on or around the penis are benign and will go away after a few days, some of them are more serious. That can be the case with a herpes rash, which can progress to something very painful and unpleasant. Any man who is sexually active might wonder at some point if a rash on his penis is herpes. Here’s what everyone needs to know about this condition.

The Basics on Herpes

First, a basic primer: Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus. More than 50 percent of Americans have HSV-1, which is the form of herpes that causes sores in the mouth. These ulcers are usually called cold sores or fever blisters. There are many over the counter medications designed to help reduce the problem. This strain of herpes is quite common.

Genital herpes is not so common. A little less than 20 percent of people in the United States have HSV-2, which is the form of herpes that causes genital herpes outbreaks. For many people, herpes is quite mild, and a lot of those infected might have no idea they have it. For others, it can be more severe, leading to blisters and lesions on the penis.

Penis Care with Herpes

One of the first signs of herpes is a rash on the penis. There are often other signs with the first outbreak, which can include flu-like symptoms, such as muscle aches and pains, nausea, fever, and itching, burning or tingling of the skin, especially in the genital area.

Shortly after that, blisters appear. These blisters might start out as a mild rash but quickly progress to fluid-filled blisters around the penis and the anus. They might be rather painful to the touch. When the blisters open up and release their fluid, they leave behind lesions, or open wounds, that can be even more painful. Sometimes these blisters even appear in the urethra, which can make urination hurt.

Once the blisters have drained and the lesions begin to heal, they will scab over just as any other wound might. The scabs will diminish and slough away over time, leaving healed skin behind. However, another outbreak could start the cycle all over again.

When dealing with a herpes outbreak, it’s safe to say the penis skin is going through a tough time. Experts provide a few tips for dealing with it:

– Don’t mess with the blisters! Wash hands thoroughly after touching the penis.

– Keep the area clean and dry.

– Avoid tight clothing.

– Avoid excess alcohol consumption.

– Avoid UV light – no tanning beds, and no nude sunbathing.

A Final Word to the Wise

It’s important to remember that herpes can be spread easily, even when using a condom appropriately each and every time. In addition, it can be spread before a person even shows any symptoms. Therefore it is vitally important to tell all partners about herpes status, always use a condom for some protection, and stay away from sexual activity during an active outbreak of herpes.

Maintaining Good Penis Care

When dealing with a herpes outbreak, the lesions and scabs can be unsightly and uncomfortable. When the penis has healed, it’s time to use a good penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to get it back into tip-top shape. Look for a crème that contains vitamin B5, known for cell regeneration, and vitamin E, known for repairing skin cells. Also look for Shea butter, a moisturizing agent with powerful healing properties. Any rash on the penis – herpes or not – can benefit from these powerful ingredients applied on a daily basis.

Having Light Adult Incontinence – Annoying and Unnecessary

Most Americans will experience an episode of incontinence at least once in their lifetime. Dealing with a simple loss of urine when you laugh one time may be a little embarrassment that quickly goes away but when you have to worry about this all the time, it can lead to depression and even causes some people to avoid social situations out of fear that their incontinence problem may happen. Even having light incontinence problems can be embarrassing and the fear of it occurring may lead many people to avoid enjoying their life to the fullest. The upside is that there are a number of incontinence products on the market that can help you to manage your problems with light incontinence or heavy incontinence.

Using the right incontinence products will help you to maintain your dignity as the products are quite discrete and other people will not be able to detect that you are wearing them. It is a great way to manage your condition and to enjoy living your life to the fullest. If you are experiencing light incontinence problems you may be able to find relief by using some simple incontinence pads instead of needing adult diapers. Incontinence pads are great as you can use them with your regular underwear. This makes them affordable and useable for anyone’s situation.

Even if you are dealing with light incontinence problems, it is something that you need to speak to your doctor about. You need to make sure that it is not an underlying condition to something extreme. In some cases your doctor may be able to help you reverse your condition by using a series of various exercises and changing your diet. Being able to find relief from light incontinence problems can be a huge weight that is lifted off your shoulders as it allows you to know that you won’t have to suffer from this condition for long.

Young or old, incontinence can strike at any time. In many cases it is found that incontinence occurs due to pelvic floor muscles problems. Your muscles may not be strong enough to hold in the urine, which is why it is leaking out of the bladder. A lot of people are able to find relief from incontinence by using Kegel exercises. These exercises will help to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for holding in urine. To start on these exercises you need to focus on stopping the stream of urine. The contraction and release of the muscle that controls urine to release from the body will help it to become stronger. As this muscle gets stronger and you are able to find relief from light incontinence issues, you may be able to avoid wearing incontinence supplies.

Women tend to be at a higher risk for issues with incontinence but there are a lot of men that also experience problems with incontinence. This is why you should talk to your doctor just to make sure that incontinence is not resulting as a side effect to diabetes or another health condition. Pregnancy and childbirth commonly cause incontinence problems to occur in females and with pelvic floor muscle strengthening; you can easily improve your condition.

Obesity and inadequate exercise may be causing you to struggle with incontinence. For many individuals, extra weight is the main cause because it places too much pressure on the bladder and causes urine to escape. Take the time to research the treatments with your doctor and to use quality incontinence supplies in order to gain control over your condition and life your life again!

Homemade Acne Treatments

Homemade acne treatments are usually considered as a primary remedy for acne. Acne is a skin problem which includes different manifestations such as pimples, white heads, and black heads. The treatment for acne is one of the most searched topics since it will cause permanent scars in the face if left untreated. Most people, especially teenagers, want to get rid of acne as it affects their glamour and attractiveness. Of course, who does not want to become beautiful?

Home made treatments are appreciated for acne since most of the applications are external. The impact studies of the treatment are not necessarily required since it is not consumed internally. Side effects are also less since most of the ingredients are natural items.

Homemade treatments start with careful cleaning of the skin. Rosewater is usually suggested in most of the treatments. Low concentrated alcohol is also suggested in a few treatments for cleaning. Milk and curd are recommended for the cleaning of those affected by dry skin. Cleaning is important in acne treatment because it removes the dirt in the skin and opens up the pores. Oatmeal is used for both cleaning the face and as a face pack for the treatment.

Turmeric is the most popular ingredient in the face pack, which is used in various compositions, according to the nature of the skin. Studies have proven that turmeric has an inherent bactericidal property. In addition, it also acts as a skin nourishment and coloring agent, which fades the scars in the face. In case of oily skin, turmeric is mixed with rosewater to make the paste; where as for dry skin, milk cream or curd is preferred. Turmeric can be mixed with certain medicinal herbs, if the acne is infected. The combination with fresh fruits is also common for acne treatment. Turmeric and lemon juice is one of the most effective combinations.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are used in sliced form or paste form. Citrus fruits, cucumber, tomato and potato are commonly used for the treatment. Cucumber and potato are round sliced and fixed on the face, where as paste form of the fruits is more popular. Grape juice and orange juices are also used in the treatment. Garlic is also commonly used, directly wiping on the face or as a paste.

Honey is another major ingredient in the treatment packs. Honey is either directly applied or mixed with lemon juice. The honey and apple combination is a popular home acne treatment while the leaves of fenugreek and mint are also applied in paste form with honey or with out since both are bactericidal and oxygenic. Multana miti paste is also used in the home acne treatment.

Apart from natural components, vinegar, salt and soda ash are also suggested by some for the acne treatment. However, it is best to formulate a personal formula, by identifying the best from trying out different combinations.

Homemade acne treatments focus to have a regular care for the skin, to make it clean and healthy, and obviously, it will be effective too.

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