Yoga Poses For Men: 7 Best To Consider

If you have a friend who wants to start practicing yoga, you can encourage him to tryout these seven poses. These poses are practically for the male folks, so you can direct him on this. If you do not have the time to start going through books and webpages looking for poses to practice, then, these ones are basically for you. If you as a man can practice them properly, you will get maximum satisfaction and benefits in no distant time. Selecting these seven yoga to practice, will give you something to focus on, instead of making decisions from the numerous options that are available.

Although, you may have a different target, but you can still go ahead and align these ones to your own program.

1. Standing Forward bend

This yoga pose id relatively simple. It somehow resembles bending over and touching your toes. This particular type of pose is excellent for warming-up, before you begin your workout routine. By doing it, you can eliminate tension around the neck, shoulders as well as head region. It is also capable of reducing insomnia and headache.

2. Crescent Lunge

This is a groining-stretching pose. This particular type of pose also helps to loosen up the hips. This is very beneficial. Tight hip can cause some form of stress on the lower back and increase the chances of injury from exercise.

3. Downward dog

This is known as one of the basic as well as famous yoga poses. It can also be considered as one of the best. Practicing this particular type of pose can help with conditions like chronic back pain by simply stretching out badly tensed hamstrings, hips as well as shoulders. It can also assist you to build your upper body strength.

4. Hero

This particular type of yoga pose involves taking a seated posture. It stretches the thighs which in turn helps to reduce problems in the knee area. For runners, this is a perfect pose they can do before moving out in the morning.

5. Chair

This pose is a very special one. It can help to eliminate unsightly abdominal fats and also build strong quads.

6. Warrior

This pose is good for the shoulders and hip stretching. It is also good for all-round body conditioning. This pose is known as the powerhouse of yoga. It can also increase mobility in most crucial areas of the body such as the knees, hips and shoulders.

7. Boat

If you have a friend you want to introduce to yoga practices, tell him to try this pose. It will work his hip flexors, arms, abs as well as spines. It also helps to promote prostrate and thyroid gland hormone

As with any exercise program, make sure to check with a health practitioner before starting a new routine. You could suggest that your man starts a routine with all seven poses. However, if he would like to start slower, suggest that he select poses that address health concerns he may have.

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is considered to be one of the best products for our bodies and especially our skin. It’s often used as a main ingredient in today’s beauty products but it’s also great in its purest most natural form. Many products from lotions and creams to soaps and body washes are infused with the oil because there are so many wonderful overall benefits.

All natural coconut oil may be the perfect skin care product for you! Whether you want a great moisturizer or a superb anti-aging product. I’ve put together below a few of the benefits you can get from using coconut oil in your day to day skin regimen.

Reduce scars and shine.

The oil contains an important antioxidant: vitamin E. It is great for skin because it controls shine, helps to even out complexions, and reduces the appearance of scars from acne and other conditions. It attacks free radicals that harm our outer layers.

Prevent irritation and infection.

The oil is full of antiseptic fatty acids that fight bad fungi and bacteria in the skin. When used daily, it can help stave off infections like athlete’s foot, warts, and more.

Penetrate lower layers of skin.

Coconut oil gets to the root of the problem by being able to penetrate deeply into the skin’s layers. It’s naturally small molecular structure makes it easy for skin to absorb. The oil doesn’t just sit on the surface but goes in deep.

Slows down the aging process.

There are many, many anti-aging products on the market today. One of coconut oil’s greatest benefits is its anti-aging properties. It is a rich source of antioxidants. As briefly mentioned above antioxidants combat the free radicals that attack our skin. This helps to slow down the aging process because it means that coconut oil protects the connective tissue that keeps skin supple.


The oil is also incredibly well-known for being one of the best moisturizers for skin. It penetrates deep and gives us a healthy glow. It helps get rid of dead skin cells and makes it feel smoother. Coconut oil is such a great moisturizer that it is even known for helping to soothe eczema and psoriasis. Also it’s often used as a treatment for dry scalp conditions like dandruff.

If you want the best looking and softest skin ever then try using coconut oil. You’ll reap all the glowing beauty and health rewards.

Got Acne? Try Sulfur!

While shopping around for acne products, I found myself at a booth in the local mall, signing up for a two month program. Along with the basic three products, there was a bonus in the box, a mask containing, amongst other things, 6% sulfur. In addition to its use as a ten-minute mask, the directions also encouraged using the mask in small amounts on problem spots as an overnight treatment. After three nights of trial, it was my new favourite product, so I began looking into the uses of sulfur as an acne treatment.

According to many reports, sulfur (also spelled “sulphur”) has been used in acne treatments since the days of Ancient Rome when people used to bathe in hot, sulfurous mineral water. As a chemical element, sulfur is odorless, but when combined with other elements it can have a strong, unpleasant smell. With the emergence of benzoyl peroxide in the 1920s, the focus turned to new chemicals, and sulfur was somewhat eclipsed by several other substances in the campaign against acne. Although slightly less popular, many acne products used today still include sulfur. So why is it so amazing for acne?

Acne is often referred to as a disease of the sebaceous glands, tiny glands that are critical for normal skin functioning. The sebaceous glands secrete sebum, a combination of fats and debris from dead skin cells which lubricates and protects the skin against environmental damage. Sebum travels to the skin’s surface via a hair follicle and pore. Sometimes, however, a pore can become blocked, which means that sebum and natural skin bacteria are prevented from coming to the surface. The bacteria within the clogged pore can be very irritating to the skin, triggering an immune reaction and causing the redness and inflammation often associated with acne.

Acne treatments can take several different types of approaches. Some address the reasons behind the blocked pore, such as excess sebum production or inadequate shedding of dead skin cells. Others work at reducing the symptoms of pain and redness. Treatments include hormone therapy, oral antibiotics, retinoids, and topical creams and ointments, which can be very effective and quite inexpensive. It is in topical treatments that sulfur is generally used.

Sulfur is a keratolytic agent, which means that it encourages shedding of dead skin cells which could block pores if retained. It also has comedolytic effects, helping to heal pre-existing comedones and preventing formation of new ones. For these reasons, sulfur is a frequent ingredient in cleansers and masks like the one that I tried. Even more popular is the combination of sulfur with sodium sulfacetamide, a sulfonamide that has antibacterial properties. Sulfonamides are thought to prevent bacterial growth through limiting key acids needed for their reproduction. Together, sulfur and sodium sulfacetamide are extremely effective in reducing inflammatory lesions and in preventing acne development.

While the mask that I tried was great as a bi-weekly acne product, it was its ability to reduce inflammation overnight that impressed me the most. Some studies suggest that sulfur may calm or soothe acne, but I suspect that it was only when combined with the other ingredients (such as geranium extract and tea tree leaf oil) that it was so effective. Sulfur is definitely useful in acne products, especially for its kerolytic and comedolytic properties, however be sure to check that the product has anti-inflammatory ingredients as well if you’re looking for a nighttime treatment. Also, check with a dermatologist or skin care professional before leaving a product on overnight, unless it expressly recommends it on the directions…I didn’t read the directions properly once, and I will never make that mistake again!!

How Adult Day Care Can Help You Maintain Your Sanity While Caring For Your Loved One With Alzheimer’

Adult Day Care provides comfort, support, care, companionship and counseling for elderly or Alzheimer’s patients who require supervision during daytime hours. It offers patients the opportunity to socialize and to receive health and social services in a stimulating and supportive environment.

When you have chosen your Day Care, make sure that their license is current and do not hesitate to ask questions. Among others,

  • Ask to see results of their state inspections and if there were any deficiencies, ask if they have been corrected.
  • Observe if the patients are involved in activities.
  • Does the staff encourage the participants to be as independent as possible?
  • Ask about the staff to client ratio. For Alzheimer’s patients, the ratio should be at least one staff member for every eight patients.
  • Meet the director and the staff.
  • Is there a lot of staff turnover?
  • What are the emergency procedures?
  • Do they serve meals and how are they prepared? Do they offer food for patients of special dietary needs?
  • Is there a secure outdoor area sufficient for walking and spending time outside? It can be vital for an Alzheimer’s patient to spend time outdoors in order to have a good quality of life.
  • What are the hours of operation?
  • How do they handle participants who wander?
  • How often must the participant attend and for how long?
  • How involved can I be as a family member?

Find out what the requirements for admission are. These may include a health history and a physical may be necessary with a current (within the last year) TB test or chest x-ray. Take time to sit with the director or staff and go through all the processes prior to attending the day care.

Of course, taking care of a loved one with Alzeimer’s can be very stressful and you may find yourself tired. Sometimes you need time away from your loved one to rejuvenate yourself. This will require making arrangements, which is where Adult Day Care comes in. This time off will allow you to invest some of your energy in your other relationships, to rest and recharge your physical and emotional batteries in order to maintain sanity and quality care for your loved one. Do the things you used to do before your loved one became ill. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Your loved one will be in good hands and will get involved with other persons with Alzheimer’s. They will be given the care they deserve and will enjoy a facility that caters to their needs and interests. You will find that your loved one looks forward to the day care to have fun, make friends (to the extent they are able), and will return home at the end of the day more relaxed.

Adult Day care may also help ease the way if one day you have to put your loved one in a nursing home. Some daycare centers are affiliated with nursing homes. The combination sometimes makes the transition into nursing home care much easier.

So, take time for yourself. You deserve it, and your loved one will notice your changes as well

Can You Get 20/20 Vision Without Glasses With An Eye Exercise Program?

Eye exercises are natural techniques that are designed to heal the visual system from vision disorders. Some of these technique are credited with an improvement in vision disorders that are associated with high pressure in the eyes. Some other vision health benefits of these techniques include better color perception and an improvement in vision health issues related to eye floaters. But one of the questions that people are asking is whether or not these techniques can help them to achieve 20/20 vision without glasses. People are asking this interesting question as to whether or not this is a realistic expectation of your pursuit of your eye exercise program. Therefore, here is some information concerning this matter:

Your pursuit of your eye exercise program to improve your vision naturally will help you to reduce your dependence on your glasses and your contact lenses. This is a very realistic expectation of your pursuit of your eye exercise program. In the case of achieving 20/20 vision without glasses however this is not always a realistic expectation of the pursuit of such a program.

Here are some reasons why this is so. People are not taking chances with pursuing such a program due to the fact that such a program requires a level of commitment to get to the point of 20/20 vision without glasses. Also, people don’t believe many of the claims made on the internet about the promises that eye exercises can deliver on concerning 20/20 vision without glasses. Therefore, they prefer to choose traditional vision improvement methods that require little or no effort to improve their vision such as glasses and contacts.

The truth is the fact that eye exercises can lead to 20/20 vision without glasses however you will be required to be very consistent and diligent in your goals and your vision improvement efforts to achieve that result as a person that devotes a minimal effort to achieving this goal will not succeed in achieving such a result.

If you want to achieve 20/20 vision without glasses you need to be willing to put in the effort that is required to succeed at reaching that type of result. For this reason, the results that you get from a natural vision improvement program really relate to the amount of effort and the level of commitment that you are willing to put into the program. From this point of view, it is essential to do the things that you need to do to practice the techniques on a diligent and regular basis in order to achieve the kinds of result you want to achieve of 20/20 vision without glasses.

Ultimate Removing Guidelines of Acrylic Nails at Home

Duplicate nails are made of acrylic which is used on our natural nails. It just like fashion ornaments and its a fashion ornaments for our finger nails. It makes an amazing appearance and gives us a beautiful look as like natural nails. This nail system is available with different type of designs like different metallic color designs, animal prints and much more. The nails are placed on natural nails at first and then exactly shaped and polished to offer an attractive look as well as shine. The material which is used to make acrylic is a mixture of Acrylic Nail Powder and acrylic nail monomer.

Things you Need For Removing Process

Some basic materials you need for the removing process of acrylic or duplicate nail. You need a moisturizer which you need to apply on the fingers and nail, a nail polish remover which contained action. Also, you need a glass bowl to soak your fingers. A clean towel also necessary because you have to give special focus on dust and beside that you need some orange sticks, petroleum jelly, and a nail file.

The most famous process to remove acrylic nails is to place the nails into an acetone solution. A user should show more care when they handling acetone solution because an acetone solution can spoil and surface and furniture if it spills on it. You should make yourself safe and use covers on tables and anything lying near. You can use regular nail polish remover acetone solution and avoid caustic acetone solution to escape from danger.

If you have decided to remove your duplicate nails at home by your own then you need to follow some steps. At first take some acetone solution nail polish remover in a big bowl and make it sure that you can able to dip your fingernails into the solution. Now take some petroleum jelly to make a coat on the tips of the finger as well as cuticle. This process will help you to save your nails from dangerous and harsh chemicals.

Now it is the time to soak your fingertips in the acetone solution which you poured into a big bowl. You have to make it sure that you do not immerse the full finger into the solution because it may the cause of your skin damage. Wait for twenty minutes and the acrylic gel will start to come off naturally. You can scrap the acrylic nails gently by using cuticle sticks. You need to remove as much acrylic nails you able to remove by using cuticle sticks. You should note that the gel may be sticky so keep patience and do your work carefully. When all acrylics are removed from your natural nail, give your natural nails some time to take breath into the air. If you want to avoid any type of risk, you a closer look on your nails. There may be a thin layer of acrylic left on your natural nail beds. At last, you need to use a branded moisturizer to protect your fingers from irritation.

During the removing process of acrylic nails, if you feel that your fingers become painful, or if you feel irritated, you should stop the whole process immediately and you need to wash your hands by using cold water. Also, you should take a suggestion from a consultant. Not only for the removing process, if you feel any type of pain or anything unusual, stop the process instantly.

Alternative Process

There also have an alternative method to remove acrylic nails. A user just needs to soak cotton balls in an acetone solution or a nail polish remover which is acetone base and place the cotton on your nails by wrapping fingertips with an aluminum foil, so that the acetone soaked cotton ball do not fall at the time of the process. This whole alternative process takes around twenty to thirty minutes to remove acrylic from your nails. After twenty or thirty minutes you just need to remove the aluminum foil as well as the cotton ball and clean your nails by using a towel or any type of cloth. The result is just similar to the early mentioned method.

Removing and application process of nail products should be perfect for healthy nails. If you face any doubt or problem then it’s also a good idea to visit a nail salon for the more accurate process.

Why Consider Physiotherapy As a Treatment for Your Pain?

Limited range of physical movement and pain are caused by trauma or repetitive motion. These can turn into injury over a period of time. Human beings search for the quickest and easiest way of relieving the discomfort, whenever there is any type of deterioration in health.

For people who want to look beyond the drugs to counter the swelling and throbbing, visiting a physiotherapist is an ideal option. There are medical conditions which can be easily treated with physiotherapy, but people often neglect this option and end up getting a surgery or live in constant pain.


The pain caused by sudden impact due to an accident is easily identifiable. Trauma is experienced either immediately or even after two-three days of the accident. Sometimes, the pain is unbearable, causing much discomfort to the patient. In such situations, it is advisable that you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will operate you either with surgery or drugs.

If medication is prescribed and you are not willing to take it, then after consulting your doctor, you can visit a Physio. Medication can offer temporary relief, but physiotherapy provides permanent relief. A physiotherapist can also help to avoid surgery in many cases.

Repetitive Motion Syndrome/Disorder

In many cases, out of nowhere a patient starts feeling pain in joints and muscles or swelling in a body part. You also might have faced similar situations when you wake up with stiff elbow or your knees aching or wrist swollen. There may not be any sign of a fall or accident, even then the pain keeps reoccurring, it should be addressed immediately.

You may have noticed that after a period of time you are unable to do basic household chores or in case you are professional, then you start suffering from back pain or wrist ache. Even while jogging, your muscles seem to ache more than before. All these signs are of constant strain which is faced by your body. These can be treated easily by making a regular visit to an expert Physio.

How a physiotherapist helps you?

– An expert Physio will first analyse your condition and by studying your reports. The whole rehabilitation period will largely depend on the severity of the injury.

– You may find the whole rehabilitation process a bit slow, but what is important to understand that the results will be permanent. If the pain or swelling is neglected for a longer period of time, then later it can only be treated by surgery. With timely physiotherapy treatment, you may even avoid the surgery.

– Specific areas are targeted by Physio’s which helps to provide strength the tendons and muscles of the injured body part. The Physio will not only treat your injury, but will also teach you how to avoid future injury.

– Your physiotherapist may even ask you to move your knee, arm or elbow in opposite motion. This is mainly done to counter the discomfort.

Bring an End to Personal Problems With the Best Sleep Dentistry Treatments

When Dr Michael Sullivan and Dr Fortina Dandas established the company way back in 1984, they probably did not know what the future held. An experience of well over 30 years is a great world of expertise and so many patients came and went, each with a lesson to teach. Many generations come to them and the other dedicated staff to discover a stress-free world of dental treatments based on the latest technology with the advanced machinery that makes diagnosis so easy. Get familiar with Sleep dentistry that often provides relief from pain and stress on the dentist’s chair.

The world of dental solutions waits anxiously for the next patient

It is unfortunate that humans inherit so many complex health problems that continue to bother them until the end. Yet, as medical science progresses, more and more cures are being discovered. Perhaps, in the near future, disease and aging may find partial or complete solutions. It seems to be true that, like other diseases, dental problems are also increasing in variety and complexity. Lifestyles are often to blame with the inactive world that does no work or exercise. Fast foods with sugary ingredients, tobacco, wine and dark substances are often the causes of tooth staining and gradual decay.

Problems associated with sleep

In the dentist’s chamber and especially while undergoing treatments, sedation becomes necessary in order to numb the area so that no pain is experienced. The dose and the administration by liquid ointment or injection would depend upon the severity of the discomfort expected. Patients usually fret to undergo dental treatments and the mental stress often turns out to be debilitating, even if no pain is involved.

The term ‘conscious sedation’ expresses the idea very well. It is a mild anesthetic and the patient is quite in possession of the senses. Fully awake and aware of the surroundings, it is a gentle lulling so as to avoid the consciousness of pain. Training is involved to the extent of 24 months after postgraduate studies to practice “Twilight Anesthesia” or Sleep Dentistry. Instead of a general anesthetic, patients get a shot of the intravenous conscious sedation.

The company offers sterling dental solutions for all generations and conditions!

Come to them in complete confidence, knowing that complaints would be well redressed quickly, efficiently and at friendly prices in an ambience that promises comfort. Some possibilities are orthodontic treatments like myobrace and invisalign besides the traditional that gradually straighten teeth into a pretty smile. Extractions and implants, wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers are other routine treatments.

Sleep problems in another sense

Some experience difficulty in their sleep. Many millions suffer from such a problem because of this strange problem of blockage by tissue at the throat rear. The airway being thus blocked, oxygen does not reach all over the body. The result is waking up now and then. Obstructive Sleep Apnea has a solution. Human ingenuity is capable of many ongoing wonders in the medical world. In this case, a mold of the teeth along with the biting position is used to manufacture a plastic device.

The oral device is worn inside the mouth while sleeping. The device pulls the jaw and tongue to the front, thus opening up the airway. Acting just like night guards and retainers, the device curbs snoring and the tissue collapse, opening up the airway.

Cosmetic dentistry and facial esthetics

Remembering the intimate relationship between the face and jaws, teeth and gums along with the bone, give some attention, time and money to overcome any deficiencies in this region. You would feel so much happier and elated, confident and performing better with a rise in self esteem, ready to conquer the world. A range of little treatments would shape the teeth and elevate the face. Meanwhile, all the constituents would get a thorough checkup to guard against any problem and nip them early.

Preventive and Restorative dentistry would encourage such healthy practices that would deter the rise of dental issues. Scaling and cleaning are some such treatments. Restoration of teeth is a serious business and required for health and esthetic reasons. Cracked and chipped teeth are easily restored to the original condition with veneers and crowns, depending upon the severity.

TMD and Bruxism, gingivitis, periodontitis, plaque, wisdom teeth, whatever, come and find easy solutions. Whether Sleep dentistry or any other, the specialists would find suitable answers.

Makeup: The Truth Behind the “Truth”

The under-eye concealer that you are using now must match with the foundation you’re using. How many times have you heard or read that? If you are someone who closely follows makeup tips and tricks on beauty magazines and websites, you must have come across so many professionals, who swear by this cardinal rule of makeup- your concealer and your foundation should blend perfectly with each other. However, you will be quite surprised to know that it’s nothing more than a myth. International trainer for Illamasqua, Ross Andrewartha opines that you can select a concealer which is totally different from the foundation used to cover your face. Just ensure that you are selecting a concealer with peach undertone as this will go on to eliminate any blue undertone under your eyes. That’s it!

Today, we are going to bust more such common makeup myths. You can trust us. Even the best Commercial makeup Artist will vouch for what we are going to say. So, read in and stay informed.

Do you really need to change your makeup with every season?

Another dominant myth (besides the one we have already mentioned in the first paragraph) ruling the makeup scenario is that you should change your makeup with seasons. Yes it is true that you need to consider the weather while picking up something like your foundation but there is definitely no need to come up with changes in the basic makeup routine. The experts say that what looks good in chilly winters can look equally effective in the sticky monsoons as well. Just consider introducing minor changes to this routine only if needed. For instance, if you find yourself with bronze skin during summer, you can actually go on to change your light foundation for something subtly dark.

The truth behind highlighting your nose

Are you highlighting your nose without fail in order to make it look slim? If yes, then let us tell you will only be able to achieve the desired look if you’re capable of doing it properly at the first place. If you don’t know the right technique, then don’t expect that highlighting your nose will make it look slimmer. You would only want to apply highlights in area that are most prominently hit by light.

Cleaning the brushes

Is your stylist asking you to clean your makeup brushes every month? It is necessary to clean them every week (not month). They attract a lot of germs and dirt within a short period of time and it is absolutely imperative on your end to clean them with gentle baby shampoo and warm water. If you are waiting a month for the next wash then you are actually allowing a lot of germs to contaminate your skin. You should be extra cautious about the cleaning regime if you have sensitive skin or skin conditions like acme or eczema.

These are the most common make-up fallacies that need to be busted. So, after reading this post, do spread the word so that others are duly informed as well. Shine on!

Second Opinion: Back Pain

Back pain is the most common and recurrent type of pain in America and 80% of Americans will experience it sometime in their life time. A new study shows that for every year a person has back pain, their brain shrinks 10-20 years of normal aging. It’s the second reason for doctor visits. Not to sound like the prophet of doom, but if you have had back pain in your life you have a really good chance of it coming back to bother you again and again. What will you do? Back pain can come from many causes and it’s important to figure out what the cause is before trying any treatment. The right treatment at the wrong time is still the wrong treatment.

Common causes of back pain that I see are disc issues, stenosis, arthritis, degenerative joint/disc disease, post surgical pain and nerve pain. New studies are showing that conservative pain care like spinal manipulation, acupuncture, nutrition, herbs and lifestyle can dramatically help these conditions feel better.

Like I tell my patients, what helps one person with back pain doesn’t help another. That’s why we need to try as many things as possible and it might be a combination of things that gets the result you are looking for. You need to keep looking. If you stop at one or two things you might be suffering needlessly.

Manipulation for back pain has been shown effective, for some people this is also true if they have had pain for years or have not tried manipulation. A certain type of traction has been shown to be helpful for back and leg pain. In fact in about 75 quality studies on manipulation all found it now less effective than anything else and some showed it more effective than exercise, medication, acupuncture and massage. If you haven’t tried manipulation then you need to try it. If you had a bad experience with it then try another at least one more time. It doesn’t help everyone but it’s worth a try.

I just said manipulation was better than acupuncture but now I’m going to tell you that acupuncture helps acute low back pain and might help chronic low back pain. I’ve definitely seen both. There are many forms of acupuncture, some more aggressive than others. I do the aggressive kind because I see good result with it. That just my opinion. Acupuncture should be tried for both types of back pain.

Vitamin D, Fish oils, devils claw and white willow have all recently been shown to help back pain. Many of these herbs and supplements are as good as or better than NSAIDS. And who would have though Vitamin D would help back pain. Many people with low back pain are deficient in Vitamin D and in several good international studies it show great benefit. It also showed to be helpful in fibromyalgia and slowing arthritis but that’s another Second Opinion.

If you have back pain and your current treatment is not helping or causing undesirable side effects then please consider some of the proven remedies listed in this article. Not everything helps every person. You need to find what works for you.

Keep in mind this publication is meant solely to be informative and entertaining and not an alternative to proper medical diagnosis or treatment. Seek proper medical care if you have any symptoms.

And look for a Second Opinion next week.

Mark Testa, DC PC

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