Other Care Options – Sheltered Housing

What is Sheltered Housing?

Sheltered Housing, also known as Retirement Housing or Warden-Assisted Housing is a term used to describe housing intended specifically for older people. The housing is usually part of a collection or “scheme” of 20 to 40 self-contained flats or small bungalows where there is almost always an alarm system for the resident to use in case of emergency. Sheltered housing is usually designed with good levels of heating, and increasingly with doorways wide enough for walking frames and wheelchairs. Traditionally, a warden has lived on site, but this is becoming less common. Often, the scheme manager (warden is a term which is now felt to be out of date) lives off site, or the service is provided as ‘floating support’, with periodic visits from a member of staff. Some schemes have guest rooms that can be rented out if family or friends want to visit you.

What is the difference between Sheltered Housing and a Retirement Village?

Retirement villages generally offer opportunities for leasehold properties (owner occupied) and the community areas available will reflect this (shops, gyms, clubs, restaurants etc). Sheltered Housing schemes are generally owned, run and maintained by a housing trust, usually a not-for-profit organisation that works closely with and is part-funded by the local authority. Many schemes have communal areas such as a lounge, laundry and/or garden where tenants can socialize, but tend not to have the same range of facilities which are on offer at a Retirement Village.

How do I get a flat on in Sheltered Housing scheme?

Sheltered Housing to rent is normally provided by local councils or housing associations. The demand for this type of accommodation usually far outweighs the availability, so you should expect waiting lists and selection criteria. People who already own their own home may be viewed as a lower priority than those who do not have the option to buy a flat or who are already tenants in social housing. There is a very small amount of sheltered housing available to rent privately, and although there may not be the same allocation criteria, the private landlords may charge higher rents and may not offer the same protected contracts that housing associations or councils offer.

If you are already a tenant of a council or housing association you should first approach your landlord and ask for a transfer. To apply for council sheltered accommodation, contact your local housing department. To apply for housing association sheltered housing you need either to be referred to a particular housing association by your local council or to approach the housing association yourself to find out about availability. If you have had a care assessment, you can ask your care manager to help with referrals.

Elderly Healthcare Issues and Suggested Solutions

It is a well-known fact that elderly healthcare issues are more complex and more sensitive than those of normal young persons. As a person grows older, especially beyond 50, body organs start getting weaker with the passage of time. Thus, they become more vulnerable and prone to various diseases. Hence, extraordinary measures and care needs to be taken to prevent various health issues and complications.

There are plenty of issues pertaining to elderly healthcare; and so are the solutions available in this modern era of medical advancement and healthcare. The elderly face both physical and psychological issues. I would mention these issues in a little more detail in this article.

Physical Issues

There are many physical issues faced by the elderly. One of the major problems in old age is the loss of body strength. This is the major problem that can create many types of issues for the elderly. They can feel difficulty in walking, taking bath, eating, getting out of bed, and difficulties in many other daily routine activities. If they try doing those activities forcibly, there is always a risk of damaging some organs of the body.

Another major physical problem of elders is loss of eyesight, which can even make it more risky and devastating for them to perform daily routine activities. If necessary measures to correct eyesight are not taken, and they already suffering from any physical impairment, it gets even devastating.

Old folks normally lose their motor control that results in very low control over their operating any machinery or other moving apparatus normally used in daily life, for example, driving a vehicle. Doing such activities is also risky for the elderly.

Psychological Issues

Another major problem that old persons face is mental or psychological issues. Psychological problems in the old age give birth to plenty of other issues. Loss of short-term and long-term memory or major reduction in cognitive skills is other major problem faced by the elderly. This makes it very difficult for them to make decisions. They become more sloppy and careless in their behavior.

Solutions to Elderly Health Issues

Elderly healthcare needs consistency and patience from the people who are taking care of them.

You can get the help of good health care services companies or medical doctors for physical healthcare of your parents in old age. However, it gets bit difficult to take care of their mental health through the services of doctors or nurses.

You can keep them mentally healthy by your personal attention, and by taking care of different aspects their daily life. Keeping them happy by indulging them in some family activities can help a lot. This will keep them well-focused and contented. You can help them by taking them out for a walk and by giving them some of your time to talk with them and listen to them. You can also play some light games with your elderly parents to keep their minds active and stimulated. As there is famous saying, healthy body needs a healthy mind; you will also see some improvements in their physical problems if you are able to help them remain active mentally.

Elderly healthcare issues pertaining to physical impairment can be managed by taking advice from physicians, engaging home care service providers and, in worst cases, by hospitalization. A good health care services company can also help you a lot in taking care of physical issues of your elderly parents.

Having Light Adult Incontinence – Annoying and Unnecessary

Most Americans will experience an episode of incontinence at least once in their lifetime. Dealing with a simple loss of urine when you laugh one time may be a little embarrassment that quickly goes away but when you have to worry about this all the time, it can lead to depression and even causes some people to avoid social situations out of fear that their incontinence problem may happen. Even having light incontinence problems can be embarrassing and the fear of it occurring may lead many people to avoid enjoying their life to the fullest. The upside is that there are a number of incontinence products on the market that can help you to manage your problems with light incontinence or heavy incontinence.

Using the right incontinence products will help you to maintain your dignity as the products are quite discrete and other people will not be able to detect that you are wearing them. It is a great way to manage your condition and to enjoy living your life to the fullest. If you are experiencing light incontinence problems you may be able to find relief by using some simple incontinence pads instead of needing adult diapers. Incontinence pads are great as you can use them with your regular underwear. This makes them affordable and useable for anyone’s situation.

Even if you are dealing with light incontinence problems, it is something that you need to speak to your doctor about. You need to make sure that it is not an underlying condition to something extreme. In some cases your doctor may be able to help you reverse your condition by using a series of various exercises and changing your diet. Being able to find relief from light incontinence problems can be a huge weight that is lifted off your shoulders as it allows you to know that you won’t have to suffer from this condition for long.

Young or old, incontinence can strike at any time. In many cases it is found that incontinence occurs due to pelvic floor muscles problems. Your muscles may not be strong enough to hold in the urine, which is why it is leaking out of the bladder. A lot of people are able to find relief from incontinence by using Kegel exercises. These exercises will help to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for holding in urine. To start on these exercises you need to focus on stopping the stream of urine. The contraction and release of the muscle that controls urine to release from the body will help it to become stronger. As this muscle gets stronger and you are able to find relief from light incontinence issues, you may be able to avoid wearing incontinence supplies.

Women tend to be at a higher risk for issues with incontinence but there are a lot of men that also experience problems with incontinence. This is why you should talk to your doctor just to make sure that incontinence is not resulting as a side effect to diabetes or another health condition. Pregnancy and childbirth commonly cause incontinence problems to occur in females and with pelvic floor muscle strengthening; you can easily improve your condition.

Obesity and inadequate exercise may be causing you to struggle with incontinence. For many individuals, extra weight is the main cause because it places too much pressure on the bladder and causes urine to escape. Take the time to research the treatments with your doctor and to use quality incontinence supplies in order to gain control over your condition and life your life again!

Etiquette of Disposing of Incontinence Products

Having an incontinence problem is embarrassing but what do you do with your incontinence products? When you are out at another person’s home and you have a problem, you will need to change out your adult diapers. What this means is that you need to dispose of them. How do you do this? You don’t want your friends or others to know that you have incontinence and now you are forced into a situation where you have to dispose of your incontinence products. Thankfully there are scented bags and other things that you can use in order to properly dispose of your used incontinence products. The scented bags will mask the smell of the urine or feces so others will not know that there is an adult diaper in the garbage.

Taking the adult diaper outside to dispose of it is a great way to be courteous to the people whose home you are in. If you are not at home, it is proper to walk the diaper out to your car or to their garbage. There can be an odor from the used incontinence products if you leave them in a garbage can and it sits for days. Removing them from the home is the best way to prevent an odor from occurring.

In your own home you should consider using the scented bags as they can mask the smell. Since you likely need to change the incontinence products several times a day it won’t be long before you are dealing with the stench of urine. Using the scented bags will at least prevent you from needing to walk out the garbage every single time you need to change out your pads or adult diapers. Urinary incontinence products not only need to be disposed of correctly you also need to make sure you are sanitizing the area. Have some antibacterial wipes in the bathroom so you can clean up properly and prevent any germs from spreading because of the adult diapers.

If you use incontinence underwear you are dealing with a different thing. You aren’t throwing away these products as they are going to be washed. Should you just toss them into a wastebasket for the laundry? This isn’t a wise idea as the urine can smell and it also is very unsanitary. Washing them as soon as possible is the best way to prevent diseases and smells. A lot of people will hand wash their incontinence underwear since you need to change it out daily and you also do not do laundry every day. Hand washing the products will at least make it easier for you to keep the bathroom clean. Have a special basket for your washable incontinence products and wash them in hot water soon after you change out your underwear with a fresh pair.

A smart idea to do when you are headed out and about is to take a small black bag with you. This is where you can hide your incontinence products so other people will not know what you have with you. You also need to have an emergency set of adult diapers and other things in the car so you have the products you need with you at all times.

The more you learn about incontinence the easier it will be for you to manage it correctly. Here you can also purchase quality incontinence products that will make managing your condition easy to do and you can find products that allow you to maintain your dignity.

Three Ways to Improve In-Home Safety

Falling down is one of the top sources of prolonged injury within the senior citizen community. Many people view this as a necessary part of aging, as something that will happen no matter what. These people are wrong. It is not possible to eliminate the chance of falling completely-accidents will always happen-but it is very simple to help reduce their impact upon your life. If you care for an elderly relative, consider the following information in regards to falling and living a healthy life.


Eating enough and getting enough nutrients can be a lot harder in the elderly. Many folks just don’t have the same appetite as they did when they were younger. Malnourishment and muscle atrophy leaves the body weak and vulnerable. If someone has lost a lot of weight thanks to not eating enough, they will be much more likely to have a disastrous fall.

Another thing to consider is osteoporosis. This bone disease can happen if you are not ingesting enough calcium. Make milk and dairy an important staple within your elderly relative’s diet. Give them a better chance of keeping all bones intact in the off chance that they do suffer a fall.


There are some safety measures you can take in order to reduce the chance of falling. Wearing rubber soled shoes around the house might seem obvious, but many people prefer to wear slippers or socks within their homes. A rubber soled shoe, however, will help prevent slipping on wet areas much better than a sock or barefoot could handle. You also want to make sure that there is not a lot of items on the floor. Having dirty clothes or your grandchildren’s toys strewn about is just asking for trouble. Keep your walkways free so that you can avoid tripping over any such items.

Emergency Preparedness

Everyone knows that with aging comes some downfalls. One of these is falling. But by having a concrete emergency plan in place just in case a fall does occur is only prudent. Share this plan with your family members and friends and have a chain of communication open so that you can get the help you need in an immediate fashion. Many folks like to have a “life line” system installed as well. This system has been featured on television and it consists of just a bracelet or necklace with a button on it. If something happens, the wearer simply presses that button and their phone connects automatically to emergency services. This is useful in the event of a fall since if they cannot get up, they will not be able to get to a phone. This will allow you to get help regardless of where you are in your home.

What Do You Do When a Senior Does Not Want a Caregiver But Needs One?

I have received many a phone call over the last 18 years from distressed family members who have a dilemma. They know that their loved one needs a caregiver but they are refusing the help. Many reasons come into play such as the fear of using up their monetary resources, which may or may not be a legitimate concern. Others are fearful of losing their independence, privacy, or self image. Others, unfortunately, are plagued by dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other cognitive impairments and are not able to make rational decisions but still can adamantly resist. How do we balance these concerns with the obvious fact that extra help is imperative and necessary to maintain the individual in their home? How do we ultimately gain their compliance and acceptance of a caregiver in their home?

Many wealthy people have throughout history hired individuals to care for their every need. They do so without any concern about relinquishing their independence, privacy or self image. In fact it may be considered an entitlement based on their position in life. If a caregiver is needed it would be considered a natural necessity and there would not be any hesitation to hire one. Is the fear of losing one’s independence, privacy or self image a product of one’s economic class? If so, how do we circumvent this? If the senior in question realistically has enough money to support a caregiver, how do we convince them of this fact? How do we rationalize with an individual who may not be completely rational?

Many questions and perhaps some answers. There are different strategies that may be implemented. The first one is to have an authority figure who states that under no uncertain terms that a caregiver is necessary. This may be a doctor, a nurse, a spouse, a lawyer, a social worker, physical therapist etc. The senior may take their edict more seriously and be willing to comply. The next strategy is to reassure the senior that this is a temporary situation and with time the need will not be as great. After experiencing proper assistance, the senior may realize themselves how lovely and necessary it is to have companionship and care. Another strategy that some families employ with regards to financing care is not to divulge the full cost of the care. They allow the senior to partially pay the cost while they supplement the rest. Yet another strategy is to tell the senior that the caregiver is there to help another family member with household chores and activities and is not there for the senior per se.

I understand that it may not be comfortable for many families to employ these methods. I do believe in these cases the end does justify the means in the respect that we have legitimate safety issues to be concerned about here. I am also positive that there may be other ways to address these issues. I would love to hear about your thoughts.

A General Buyer’s Guide to Stairlifts

When it’s time to buy a chair lift for your stairs, you will probably start researching stairlifts trying to figure out which type is the best for your health needs. Will you be using a wheelchair in conjunction with your lift? How does the design of you home affect the type of chair you need to buy? What can you afford to pay and will you be able to receive any assistance when it comes to purchasing the chair? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself when looking at chairs.

There are authorised sellers of stairlifts, and they should be able to answer all of your questions. You may even be able to experience what it’s like to use a stairlift if you visit a showroom or retailer that offers the opportunity to try out a lift. To make sure you get all of your questions answered, write them down and bring them with you.

Types of Stairlifts

When purchasing a lift, you need to take into consideration the size you need, the style, and the track style. If your stairs are straight, you will need a straight track. If you have more than one flight of stairs, you will need a curved track. Most chairs are able to hold a considerable amount of weight, but if your doctor describes you as medically obese, you may need to shop around and see if there’s a suitable lift that will securely hold you when using the chair.

You may also want a moveable platform. Almost all stairlifts offer a swivel chair base that allows you to turn the chair, remove the safety rail or belt, and exit. With these chairs you exit right from the chair to the floor. This may not be a problem for some people, but if you have severely reduced mobility, you may need a foldable platform that extends from the bottom of the chair. This is helpful for people in wheelchairs or those who have trouble exiting directly from the chair to the floor.

Remote Access to the Chair

After you’ve found a comfortable chair design, you need to find out about the different access features of the chair. Some designs have buttons that attach to the wall near the chair, allowing you to move the chair between floors. If you rode it downstairs but your grand kids rode it upstairs and left it there, you can easily transport it downstairs using the wall button or switch. Some stairlifts even have remote controls, allowing you to transport the chair without having to wait at the bottom or top of the stairs. Once you pick out the perfect chair, you can start getting up and down with ease again.

What Are the Options When Using Depend Incontinence Products?

Studies show that incontinence is a far more common problem than most people realize. This means that there are a great number of people who are looking for an incontinence product to help them manage this problem. While there is becoming more support and treatment options available for those with incontinence the first management step is finding an incontinence product that will help those who are dealing with this problem be able to manage it. Many people are hesitant to discuss this intimate problem but the reality is that there are more options than ever before when it comes to the types and styles of incontinence products that you can use. One of the most popular and widely used lines comes from Depend.

The Depend incontinence product line offers many different options for incontinence sufferers. Some of those options include: Depend for men, Depend for women, Depend undergarments, Depend diapers and Depend underwear. This means that there will be an options for all sizes of people, both genders, and different levels of incontinence severity. It cannot be stressed enough that there is not one incontinence product that works for everyone but rather each person with incontinence will need to find the right incontinence product for their needs. This makes it important that any person with incontinence try out a number of different incontinence products. As Depend product line offers so many different types of incontinence supplies this is much easier. Some people will be able to simply use an incontinence pad for light incontinence while others may need to use a Depend diaper for moderate to heavy incontinence. This will depend on what level of incontinence a person has and what their needs are in terms of lifestyle and activity level.

It is also important to realize that incontinence products come in a variety of different styles. The Depend line of incontinence products also offers multiple styles so that the person with incontinence can choose what’s right for their needs. Depend undergarments come in a variety of absorbencies as well. You can find products from Depend that include: light to moderate protection, heavy protection, and overnight protection. This will help anyone who is dealing with incontinence find the right level of incontinence protection for their needs. Keep in mind that your protection needs may vary from day-to-night or from day-to-day. This means that you may want to have a combination of different Depend undergarments on hand to meet your needs. The good news is that there are several online sites that will offer samples for a minimal shipping fee which will allow the incontinence sufferer to try out several different incontinence products before committing their money to what they need. You can find many different Depend undergarments that come as samples for you to try.

Whether you try Depend underwear or Depend diapers there are certain tips that can make sure that you are getting all you can from your incontinence products. These tips are-

• Keep your skin as clean as possible-It is important to keep your skin free from contact with urine and other waste matter. If you fail to keep your skin clean you are putting yourself at risk for painful rashes and infection. There is incontinence cleaning products that can help to keep the skin clean and protected. Caregivers will need to be especially vigilant about this for patients with incontinence who cannot clean themselves.

• Make sure that your Depend undergarment fits-Many people overlook the fact that the fit of their incontinence undergarment is crucial to the protection that it will provide. If your Depend diaper or Depend underwear does not fit properly you will not get all the incontinence protection that you need.

Causes of Incontinence in Women and Men – Different Yet the Same

Incontinence is as problem that affects both men and women. However, studies show that more women than men suffer from with this problem. You may be surprised to learn that in some cases the cause of the incontinence is the same in both sexes. However, this is not always the case. Many cases of incontinence are very specific to the gender of the patient. The important thing to know is that whether you are a man or a woman with incontinence there are both products available to help manage your incontinence and treatments that can reduce and even eliminate the problem.

Many women suffer with incontinence that is brought on by pregnancy and childbirth. When a woman is pregnant the stress of the developing fetus on the bladder can cause damage to both the bladder and the surrounding muscles. Unfortunately, this type of incontinence (known as stress incontinence), can show up many years later when a woman is experiencing leakage when any additional stress is put on her bladder. This can include but is not limited to: laughing, coughing, sneezing or any additional physical exertion.

The good news is that there is a wide variety of incontinence products for women. Women who are experiencing incontinence symptoms can find many different types of incontinence products that can help them manage their symptoms. These urinary incontinence products range from incontinence undergarments that protect the wearer to incontinence bed pads that can be used to protect beds and furniture from incontinence accidents.

Women who are looking for incontinence products need to understand that there is a variety of styles ranging from incontinence underwear that can be used with or without incontinence pads to adult diapers that can be used alone. Keep in mind that it may take some trial and error and using several different incontinence products before you find the right combination for your needs.

Men often experience incontinence later in life as a result of having an enlargement of their prostate. When this happens the prostate will encircle the urethra and create a feeling of pressure that makes urinary control difficult. Many men find that making changes in their lifestyle like controlling what they eat or drink or even scheduling bathroom time can help to reduce the symptoms.

There are also incontinence products for men that meet their unique needs. Men who are experiencing incontinence can find what they need on many different online sites that sell incontinence supplies. Whether a man chooses to use a guard or wear incontinence underwear will depend on the severity of the incontinence symptoms.

As mentioned above there are many causes of incontinence that can affect either gender. These include but are not limited to being overweight (obesity), smoking, unmanageable diabetes, damage to the urinary system, and many other reasons. It is important to understand that most often incontinence is a symptom of another problem which means that it is crucial to consult your doctor to obtain the right diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

It is important to know that no matter if you are male or female or the severity of your incontinence there is a wide range of adult incontinence products that are available to help you manage the problem. Depending on the severity of your incontinence you can choose from adult diapers or regular incontinence underwear that can provide protection for both men and women. These incontinence products for men and incontinence products for women can be found on many different sites where urinary incontinence products are sold.

Prolonging Senior Independent Living Adds to Quality of Life

Remaining living independently in one’s home for as long as possible is very important in maintaining a high quality of life and keeping healthcare cost to the minimum. Prolonging senior independent living can be accomplished through a series of coordinated objectives. Each facet of one’s living arrangement must be considered to identify areas of risk and improve the overall efficiency and quality at which one maintains their independence. Matters such as financial considerations and legal decisions must be addressed in order for of your loved one to have the foundation necessary to make decisions which are appropriate for their independent living arrangements.

Concerns such as safety around the house are important to consider because high-risk areas which are prone to cause accidents need to be removed from the living environment. A perfect example of this is slip and fall areas such as wet tile floors in bathrooms and patios and area run rugs which can be easily cause trips and falls. These things are common in many homes and can be overlooked as dangerous if not considered with the perspective of creating a safe environment for which a senior can live independently without common risks of falling.

Many seniors today live alone without close relatives nearby staying in communication and having the ability to monitor your loved one’s well-being makes the situation more tolerable for the senior and for the person who loves them. Regular feedback and status monitoring can be accomplished through a variety of different solutions available on the market today such as weekly senior care services, in-home monitoring systems, and companion living or visiting arrangements. Recently in the bad economy there has been an increase of seniors sharing housing together which provides the comfort and safety needed to prolong senior independent living for both who were previously living alone.

There are many options to consider when devising a plan for prolonging senior independent living. A good plan makes for more consistent action. Seniors and their loved ones should factor in as many risk considerations as possible and mitigate risks with as much attention as possible. It is recommended the family consult with a professional familiar with elder care issues to identify areas where attention is needed. Areas to consider include budgeting, safety around the home, sufficient planned activities, and capability to perform routine household chores. Aging is a process we all will have to encounter, understanding how to maintain independence as we age is knowledge we all can benefit from.