Fasten Your Seatbelts – It’s Time to Demolish Hair Transplant Myths

As opposed to popular belief, hair transplants are not as evident anymore as they were previously. Long gone are the times of visible hair plugs and ugly surgical scars. With latest innovation and development in every field, it is now being performed with absolutely minimal invasive techniques, which give for amazingly natural looking results.

Despite the fact that it has become quite popular among people experiencing male pattern baldness and other hair loss conditions, there are still numerous myths and misconceptions about a hair transplant. To help people understand the benefits of a hair transplant, it’s time to demolish and debunk the myths.

  • Myth #1 – Scars Are Easily Visible

In the early days of a hair transplant, linear scars were quite easily visible. However, with technological advances in the medical field, the expert surgeons can reduce the visibility of post-surgical scars significantly. The small of scarring can be easily covered with the help of hair that regrows at the donor area.

You need to find a renowned surgeon who specialises in minimal scarring a priority in strip donor treatments. There are many techniques in which hair at the wound site grows through the scar line, effectively hiding the signs of a hair transplant. This makes patients a lot happier with their results and more positive in flaunting their fuller locks.

  • Myth #2 – Surgery Means Plugs

It got name in its initial years as it was a time when treatment attempted to fill in the baldness, but frequently ended up giving a plug like look. However, hair plug and other attachment has become a thing of past times. Technological advancement has replaced previous tools with cutting edge systems that leave practically no indications of surgery, simply natural looking growth.

Actually, hair transplants are hardly recognizable among the overall population, so you can keep your balding history a complete secret. In a recent report from an International Society that oversees field of hair development, it was reported that 90% of people around the world couldn’t recognize the results.

  • Myth #3 – The Treatment Is Painful

A Hair transplant doesn’t include much pain and just need a local anaesthesia to numb the area where surgery is supposed to be performed. A few patients encounter distress during the invasive surgery, but the pain can be reduced with the help of an oral sedative (prescribed by the doctor).

Patients won’t feel any pain during the surgery, once the scalp becomes numb. After the surgery is completed, dealing with your scalp appropriately for ideal results is critical. The natural scabbing process can get damaged due to vigorous washing or brushing. So, be gentle while handling your hair in the first few days. Follow the steps and eat the medicines prescribed by the surgeon.

Benefits of Surgical Hair Restoration

As per the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), the quantity of hair rebuilding techniques climbed more than 13% somewhere around 2004 and 2006. Around the world, the quantity of processes has matured by more than 30%. A huge number of people are exploiting the advantages, comfort, and moderateness that surgical hair reclamation offers.

The Benefits of Surgical Hair Restoration

Clearly, the greatest advantage to having hair transplants is the stylish change. You get a decent head of hair that you can style the way you need. Most men and ladies need to have a fuller, thicker head of hair.

Yet, the advantages don’t stop there. Having a decent head of hair can construct self-regard, ease insecurities, and build a man’s readiness to take part in more social exercises.

Numerous men and ladies who endure male pattern baldness get to be reluctant and may feel they are less alluring. As indicated by a late customer study, more than seventy-five percent of those asked conceded that men brandishing a full head of hair were sexier. A vast amount of people trust that balding would influence their social life or profession. Sixty-six percent of individuals reacting to a review by the ISHRS said that they would be concerned on the off chance that they were dating and were encountering male pattern baldness. Seventy-five percent said that they would be concerned on the off chance that they were simply beginning their profession and were encountering male pattern baldness.

Hair swap strategies have been performed for about a large portion of a century and have a fabulous record of security and achievement. On account of ceaselessly propelling innovation and practices, hair transplants look to a great degree. Today, specialists use follicle joins that contain just a couple of hairs. These littler unions are then deliberately put to reproduce a characteristic head of hair. Since they are the beneficiary’s own particular hair, the transplanted follicles will keep on developing all through the singular’s life.

Who Is At Risk for Hair Loss?

It is assessed that more than seventy percent of men will have some kind of male pattern baldness amid their lifetime. Ordinarily, huge male pattern baldness doesn’t start until middle age, however diminishing hair can begin as right on time as immaturity. Ladies may begin to experience male pattern baldness at any age. In ladies, a typical example of baldness is diffuse diminishing over the whole top of the head. Notwithstanding at what age it happens, balding can be an overwhelming knowledge-yet not one without an answer.

Balding happens for a mixture of reasons, including hereditary qualities, age, immune system illness, and anxiety. On the other hand, hair substitution or hair transplants are the main lasting approach to restore hair. Helpful and reasonable, surgical hair rebuilding is a favored technique for treatment.

Therapeutic hair rebuilding strategies are normally done in helpful outpatient surgery focuses or in a specialist’s office surgical suite. A nearby soporific and gentle narcotic guarantee no pain amidst surgery. While postoperative distress changes relying on the individual and the procedures degree, oral agony drug can control it. Numerous hair transplant beneficiaries don’t even require swathes and can come back to their ordinary exercises inside of 24 hours. Inside of three months of the hair transplant, the contributor hair will have started to develop at an ordinary rate. The hair develops, looks, and feels totally normal, which is the greatest advantage of all.

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How to Choose the Useful and Best Hair Transplant Clinic

While doing a proper cosmetic surgery, you need to be careful on selecting the clinic and surgeons. An experienced and skilled one can be your ultimate assistant during the strand relocation procedure. Though, hospitals or hospitals are accessible in recent times, but choosing only the best one is challenging for you. Try to do a thorough research on the nearby hospitals so that you will be able to get sufficient information on it. Here are numerous strand transplant hospitals available who can assist you in regaining your tresses. If you are seeking for an excellent health center, there are few criteria that you must evaluate.

You also need to be careful on dealing with the doctors, who will do the entire process. In addition to this, they must be familiarized with the procedure of strand relocation as well. The doctors must have the skill and experience. Look for the strand relocation private hospitals that are run by a surgeon who is genuinely certified by any renowned as well as experienced institution or organization. Meeting a professional surgeon will help you a lot in your process of the strand relocation way.

Verify from the previous patients

  • Whenever you are going to select any of the best hair transplant clinic, you should verify each and every small detail to get all your answers. And the important thing that you can do is just verify from the previous patients who was already there in the hospital. You have to give your 100% effort in verifying from the previous patients. The previous patients can tell you about the track records of the doctor and surgeons as well.
  • As you will get lots of strand relocation hospitals, but all of the hospitals are not reliable for you. Do a proper research by the hospital’s website and talk with the previous patients and existing patients as well. As you know while going to do that surgery you have to pay a huge amount of money to that hospital and that is why verifying is essential. Talking or discussing with the previous patient will help you to know about the process and budget about the hospital properly.

Research is quite important

Dealing with the best hair transplant clinic, you will get an assurance of regaining the strands on your head. But a thorough research about those hospitals is quite important before you deal. Try to Google each and every hospital along with the doctors’ name that you already came across. If you search the official account of every hospital you will be served with ample of new data about that hospital as well as doctors. If you do not find any documentation or authorized stuffs in their website, you better avoid it.

Also, after selecting a hospital from where you will do your work, try to confirm the surgery budget, medications and other details from there. When you will visit a hospital, you must be able to see after and before pictures of the sort of process and procedure that you basically want done. Try to look at the photos of your surgery. If you find any kind of problem in your process you have to claim then and there. Numerous doctors are there who out there who have earned a huge popularity and acceptance. So, you need to consult with that doctor who has an excellence and superiority in this field. They will easily make sure that your surgery goes through a right process and procedure.

3 Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Losing your hair can be very distressful. I have been there. I felt the frustration and the emotional damage that hair loss creates. I tried several products and they were mostly a gimmick; even when they were not, the results were limited.

Then one day I was lucky to find an expert dermatologist who put me in the right path. Today, with his help and my own research and trial and error experience, I don’t suffer from hair loss any more. Having said this, at present hair loss is a problem which needs to be managed every day; there is no one-off cure which will resolve the problem and you won’t have to do anything about ever again; it’s like a chronic illness which you need to manage; but you can manage it successfully. The following are the steps which helped me; they have to be implemented at the same time, though point 2 and 3 are probably the most important:

1 – First of all, do anything that can help you manage or eliminate stress; even if your life is stressful, you need to help your body not be affected by it. Why? Because a number of ‘bad’ hormones (very simply put) which negatively affect the health of your scalp are stimulated by stress. From a simple chamomile tea to natural supplements, helping your body copy with stress will help in many ways, including your scalp.

2 – Manage excessive scalp grease by using suitable shampoos. If your hair follicles are surrounded by excess grease, they will suffer in varying degrees. As per the right shampoo, read further down.

3 – This page is for hair loss which is the most common for men and women, usually called androgen-related hair loss, simply put, it’s when you lose hair caused by the hormone D.H.T. and the way your receptors react to it); therefore, anything that you can do to decrease D.H.T. from your scalp will help tremendously. There are supplements which claim to do that but I found them not too effective myself; moreover, I always prefer a topical solution (applied directly to the scalp) to a topical problem. So I researched products which could effectively remove or decrease D.H.T. in my scalp. This removal is mainly done by a certain ingredient called ‘ketoconazole’, which has strong anti-fungal properties but has shown to also affect D.H.T. in your scalp. There are very few brands of shampoo containing this product so always read the ingredients. The strength should be 2%. This is only a brief page on this subject; I will go in details and I explain how I use this shampoo (since the way you use it makes a difference).

There are other effective ways which I combine to decrease hair loss.

Foligen Reviews – What’s So Special About This Solution To Hair Loss?

Let’s be honest, losing your hair is not an easy feat to deal with. It can be very embarrassing and it can also shatter your self confidence.

The truth of the matter is, when someone first sees you, your head is the first thing they look at. What’s worse, is that your hair takes up a lot of that head space – so losing your hair is not something that you want to have happening to you under no circumstances.

Unfortunately, hair loss is a common problem that many faces today. It can be caused by a variety of reasons such as genetics, old age, stress or simply by using the wrong product in your hair.

All Hope Is Not Lost Though!

If you’ve already start to see your hair falling out, no need to worry. There are numerous products that are quite effective at resolving your hair loss problem. In this article, I want to look at a new product that is creating quite a buzz on social media. It goes by the name Foligen and it promises to stop hair loss and even supports natural hair growth.

Foligen Review – What Exactly Is This Product?

If you have been looking for a natural solution to hair loss then chances are you’ve come across Foligen as it is highly recommended on most Foligen Reviews websites. If not, here’s what it is:

Foligen is a natural hair supplement that contains natural ingredients that have been said to enhance natural hair growth. According to the official website, these claims have been back by many clinical studies so consumers can rest assured that they are not just using a fly by night product that has no scientific foundation.

What Benefits Are There To Be Had By Using Foligen For Hair Loss?

The main benefit promoted by the manufacturers of Foligen is the ability to slow down hair loss and even promote natural hair growth. This is achieved via the numerous natural and effective ingredients that make up this product.

While doing research for this review, I was unable to verify this claim. However, based on customer reviews from trusted shopping sites, and health forums, it seem as if most users are giving Foligen numerous positive feedback. As such, its safe to say that there may be some truth to the use of this product for combating hair loss.

Other Benefits Also Include:

* Improvement in hair texture – the product also claims to give you thicker and stronger hair after prolong usage.

* Improve hair volume – after prolong use of Foligen supplement, you can expect to have a more voluminous head of hair as the ingredients also gives you back the control over receding hairline.

Should You Try Foligen?

Based on numerous reviews, this product seems to be a customer favorite. However, like any other hair loss product, you shouldn’t expect overnight success. Plus there are no guarantees. The good news though is that since the product is made up of only natural ingredients, there are no side effects to worry about.

So if you are looking for a hair loss treatment product that is getting two thumbs up then my research suggest you should take a closer look at Foligen.

The Heights of Hair

Every person on this earth is born a hair aficionado. Hair fills in the void and completes a person’s personality to its best. To look good is one’s emphasized thought and that seriously calls for ‘confidence’. Without confidence, there is no easy way out. Keep this in your mind. Confidence plays a key role in building assertiveness, new relationships and the comfort to speak out your expressions. Likewise, having full volume, lustrous hair boosts your level of confidence. It leaves a charming smile on your face. Whereas having hair loss and baldness can only take you a few steps ahead but not more than that, unless you deal with the root of the problem. Hair loss is a common issue discussed these days. It’s not something to worry about completely but in a serious way- yes.

It is believed that stress dulls your hair and causes breakage. For a hair aficionado, it is equally important to take good care of your hair no matter where you are. Remember that your hair is the crown you never take off. There are only a few matters which you do with your hair such as: styling, colouring, experimenting and cutting. For the above said, first preference mainly focuses on the hair type and texture. Nowadays there are numerous platforms for those undergoing hair loss, where one can make use of his/her hair judiciously. One among them is hair replacement. Take a closer look at the below mentioned:

Hair enhancer referred to as “Top Piece”. May or may not be a full cap size. It’s designed to work with your own hair to add volume.

Hair extensions appear in hair strands, either one piece or multiple strands that are designed to add length and volume to your own hair. May either be temporary or semi-permanent and are available in human hair.

Hair frames arrive as a classic headband with heat resistant hair attached that can be styled for his/her desired look. Designed to work with the front of your hairline.

Baby hair is the small strands of hair, often curly at the base of the frontal hairline to add to a realistic look. Also baby hair can often camouflage the edge of your hair.

Add-ons are partial hair pieces – not a full one. Hairpiece that temporarily attaches either by interlocking combs to your own hair to add instant length, volume and texture.

Hope each of you has developed an insight while reading the different ways in which natural hair can be replaced excellently.

It is a universal truth that hair is the crowning glory. Today hair and our obsession with it is a multi-billion dollar industry, including hair dyes, styling products, hair replacements, celebrity hairdressers and hairstyle magazines. But you can get things done at a reasonable price too. Yes it’s true. To experiment with hair, you will need a perfect hairstyle guide. A good hairstyle guide gives you the best ways to wear your hair the right way which complements your face, body and dress. Only the right hairstyles can accentuate your best facial features while downplaying any flaws, redefining the way you look. So reassure that you are carrying off the hairstyle which suits well. For instance, if you have a round face, you might consider wearing your hair long to minimize the width of your face. However, if you have a longer face, you’ll look great in hairstyles that are short with sweeping bangs which will give a wider appearance to your face.

Having a ‘Bad hair day’? Feel the need to re-invent yourself? Then get yourself an appointment with a hairstylist and encourage each other to participate in the belief that a new hairdo will paper over the cracks in our emotional lives and give us that much sought after ‘great self-esteem’! A ‘new you’ is promised just by an excellent hair replacement system.

Five Benefits of Hair Replacement Therapy

What do men fear most about aging? According to a recent survey from the UK, balding beat out impotence, obesity, and even heart disease for the top spot. A staggering 94 percent of respondents said that losing their hair terrified them more than any other age-related option. With that in mind, here are five benefits of hair replacement therapy.

1. No More Bald Jokes

As a society, we’ve become far more accepting of people’s differences in recent years. It is no longer considered permissible to make fun of someone based on their age, gender, or physical appearance. The one and only exception is if that person has lost or is losing their hair. Bald folks are quite possibly the only group that can be subjected to public ridicule with impunity. This is especially true when the butt of the joke is a man. The reason? Because most guys eventually lose their locks, they are expected to get over it. Dealing with the loss is made even more difficult when friends and strangers deride them on a regular basis.

2. Restores Self-Confidence

Countless studies have shown that most guys lose confidence when they start shedding their manly mane. While the jokes certainly don’t help, the main problem seems to be an internal one. The simple fact is that most men do not consider bald to be beautiful. So when they start down that lonely path, it can be difficult for them to accept their new reality.

3. Increases Attractiveness

It may not be a deal-breaker for most women, but some shallow gals simply will not date a guy with a bare head. Men who are showing scalp are well aware of this fact, and it tends to affect their confidence adversely with the ladies. Investing in hair replacement therapy can help get them back in the saddle again.

4. Turns Back the Clock

Whether it’s true or not, most folks associate baldness with old age. As a result, even younger guys who are hair deprived are often seen as looking older than they really are. Not only can this perception harm a man’s self-confidence, but it may also make him seem less energetic and capable. This can hurt him in today’s ultra-competitive workplace, where youth and energy are prized above all else.

5. Stops the Charade

For all the reasons we’ve mentioned, some guys try to hide their hair loss. They might wear a lot of hats, employ the infamous comb-over, or stay inside on Saturday night. But none of those tactics will stop their locks from falling out. The only effective way to deal with the problem is to see a specialist.

Hair replacement therapy can help any man regain the mane he’s lost.

Hair Transplant Surgery Side Effects

We’ve all been there before – you venture out for a night of fun, stroll down the road or head out for a day of shopping and you can’t resist the urge to think about whether the garments you’re wearing are up to date or if individuals taking a gander at you discover you adequate and appealing. These emotions are ordinary for anybody looking for certainty. Yet, commonly in the event that you experience the ill effects of male pattern baldness or other thinning up top issues these ordinary emotions are uplifted further.

For anybody facing male pattern baldness issues, hair transplant surgery can be the response to increasing back that self-assurance. People may often hurry to fix the problem without considering if there are symptoms.

While a hair transplant surgery is a genuinely simple methodology, there are minor intricacies or symptoms that can happen so it’s critical to set yourself up ahead of time. Here are 10 symptoms:


On the off chance that you have had hair transplant surgery, you may be frightened to find that the hair you as of now had is really getting more slender. This is an ordinary post-agent condition and the thickness returns inside of a couple of months after surgery.


A symptom of hair transplant surgery is that it may incorporate some bleeding. Putting weight on the region will more often than not stop the bleeding. In uncommon circumstances, the bleeding does not stop so it may be important for the specialist to do some additional sewing to close the injuries.


There is entirely little pain included with the genuine hair transplant surgery. About portion of the general population who have the transplant done won’t require any pain relievers by any stretch of the imagination. Most others take a soft pain reliever, for example, Tylenol for a couple of days, and that is by all accounts enough for them.


Irritation may happen on areas influenced by hair transplant surgery. Yet, it ought not to last more than a couple of days. Utilizing a cleanser to wash your hair consistently, will cause this issue to lessen.


Pretty much everybody who had hair transplant surgery has encountered swelling in the forehead and around the eyes. This goes on for just a couple of days with the most exceedingly awful being of it showing up on the fourth day. For some, a bruised eye may come about.


Another regular symptom of hair transplant surgery is numbness. Patients commonly report feeling numbness for a few weeks after the surgery. This is just a makeshift.


Yes, you read that correctly. Interestingly, one symptom of hair transplant surgery is having hiccups after the surgery. Just around 5 percent of the patients have this issue, however it can be troublesome on the off chance that it endures more than a couple of days as it can keep you from eating or resting properly. If this happens, specialists have prescriptions that they can recommend to help aide with this issue.


While uncommon, contagions can likewise happen with hair transplant surgery. One reason they don’t happen all the more regularly is that anti-toxins are given before and after the surgery to prevent contagions from even starting – so don’t get excessively stressed over this conceivable symptom.


Sores can show up in the ranges where hair is being transplanted, additionally called the recipient zones, however they don’t generally last more than a couple of weeks and are seldom more than the extent of little pimples.


In the event that you have keloid scarring after hair transplant surgery, it is likely on the grounds that you are hereditarily inclined to have it. Infrequently, patients have scarring that takes the type of edges.

Why Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair?

Ayurvedic medicine recognized the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil nearly 4000 years ago. But the oil is now a part of our lives, more than ever before.

Some of the prime utilities of Virgin Coconut Oil are:-

o Hair care

o Skin care

o Keeping cholesterol levels to the optimum

o Facilitating weight loss

o Boosting the immunity

o Regulating metabolism

o This is even known to be effective for treating disorders such as diabetes

When we talk of the VCO, it is surprising to note that very few people are aware of its benefits. Some just classify it as an artery clogging fat, which is far from actual medical reality!


Fats can broadly be classified as short, medium and long chain fatty acids. But it is only the short and medium chain fatty acids which are beneficial for health.

Virgin Coconut Oil mainly comprises of the medium chain fatty acids.

Moreover, nutrients present in VCO in the right proportion and form enhance its utility for our health and well being. Some of these are lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid.

Resulting from the same, the Virgin Coconut Oil has antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial properties, and is highly utilitarian for boosting the immune system.

Lauric acid is a component also found in human breast milk. This enhances immunity and destroys harmful viruses and bacteria as well.


One might initially find it hard to believe, but for hair care, virgin coconut oil can make all the difference. Let’s run through the reasons why:

o VCO is the purest form of oil available

o This isn’t diluted with other stuff

o It’s processed with no added chemicals

o It is loaded with essential fatty acids and antioxidants

The difference really lies in the way virgin coconut oil is extracted. VCO is classified as cosmetic grade, and this is processed from the matured fruit within a couple of days of harvest.

As the process does not involve subjecting these to heat or adding chemicals, this ensures that the natural goodness of the oil is intact!

Let us now run through some of the most important ways in which VCO can strengthen hair while ensuring rejuvenation right from the roots along with a lovely shine.

1. Acts as a hair conditioner and moisturizer

2. Promotes hair growth

3. Prevents loss of hair

4. Prevents graying

5. Works well for dry hair

6. Helps overcome dandruff

7. Repairs damaged hair

8. Works as a detanger

Best Home Remedies To Treat Dandruff (Part 1)

There’s no doubt that dandruff can be a fairly humiliating, embarrassing and certainty brings down confidence. However, you’ll be surprised to know that it isn’t a serious problem in most of the cases. This is the reason why you need to consider spending cash at a salon, only after you’ve made an attempt to cure it at home. It’s good to know that you can cure it with the ingredients already present in your kitchen.

Dandruff, scientifically known as seborrhoea, focuses on the scalps of numerous individuals, regardless of their age. Besides that, it prompts other skin problems like acne and pimples. Before we can examine how to get rid of dandruff, how about we know what causes it. Dry skin, bad hair brushing and shampooing, stress and bad eating habits, will make your scalp more inclined to get dandruff. Now, you know a bit about the causes of dandruff, so let’s discuss how to fight it.

Here are simple home remedies that will cure your dandruff problem:

  • Remedy #1 – Massage With Coconut Oil And Lemon

Coconut oil is known to provide nourishments to the hair; on the other hand, lemon juice treats dandruff at home without utilising unsafe chemicals. Take a look at the easiest and the simplest dandruff remedy:

  • Take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and heat it with the same amount of lemon juice.
  • Massage your scalp delicately with the combination.
  • Leave it on your head for 20 minutes before cleaning it with a shampoo.

  • Remedy #2 – Fenugreek Pack

Fenugreek seeds are utilised in this remedy. Here are the directions to utilise fenugreek pack to remove dandruff:

  • Soak a small quantity of fenugreek (methi) seeds in water and leave it in overnight.
  • Next day, remove the water and crush the mellowed seeds to make a paste.
  • Apply the paste on your head and leave it for around 60 minutes.
  • Rinse it off by utilising a high quality shampoo.

  • Remedy #3 – Use Curd

Yes, you might think it’s a bit messy, but applying curd to remove dandruff from your hair is quite effective. Here are the steps to treat dandruff problem by using curd:

  • Apply curd to your hair and scalp.
  • Allow it to settle down on your skin and leave it for an hour.
  • Use a shampoo to clean it with cold water.

  • Remedy #4 – Use Baking Soda

Treatment of Dandruff can be done by using baking soda also. To know how to use baking soda for dandruff treatment use read below:

  • Make your hair wet.
  • Rub a spoonful baking soda on wet hair.
  • Wash it off, after leaving it on for 60 to 90 seconds.

  • Remedy #5 – Tea Tree Oil

Using tea tree oil is an excellent approach to cure dandruff. Here are instructions on how to use tea tree oil to cure dandruff:

  • Use a couple drops of tea tree oil and massage your scalp with it.
  • Allow it to settle down for 5 minutes.
  • Use a good quality shampoo to wash it off.

Final Thoughts: Dandruff may not look very dangerous, but if you leave it untreated for a very long time, then it might end up destroying your hair. If you are facing the problem of hair loss, then a hair transplant is the best treatment for you.