Rubbed Another Way: Alternative Masturbation Techniques

Even the most enjoyable activity can become a little mundane or routine after too long a time with no variation or surprise. No matter how much one enjoys one’s home, it’s nice to take a little vacation to another place just for a change of scene. And likewise, changing the scene where masturbation is concerned can have its benefits. While there are many different techniques a guy can employ, most tend to stick with one tried-and-true one when masturbating. Simply changing up techniques shouldn’t damage one’s penis health (unless, say, boiling oil is involved in the switch-up), so why not consider a little masturbation makeover?

Tried and true

For most men, the favored way to masturbate is to grip the penis in the dominant hand (usually the right), make a fairly tight but not too tight grip and pump up and down – hopefully while using some lubrication to keep from rubbing the penis raw. But there are plenty of different techniques to try to add a little variety.

Some of these techniques are simplicity itself and require only slight adjustments. For example, rather than using the dominant hand, why not wrap the palm of the other hand around the penis and stroke? Or why not alternate, and use one hand for a few strokes and then the other? Or what happens if one puts both hands together, forming one “fist” and masturbates that way?

But, wait – there are more simple variations as well. If a guy tends to pump up and down the whole length of his shaft, perhaps he wants to focus more on one section – such as the head perhaps? Or if he already focuses pretty much on one portion of the penis, go in for a full-shaft pump, or focus on another section?

And if he tends to exert a pretty tight grip on the penis, how about lightly stroking the penis, using just the merest touch of the hand? Or if one really pounds away at great speed, try slowing things down (or vice versa).

More different

Want something a little more different than that? How about not using the bare hands at all? Many guys like experimenting with masturbating while wearing gloves. The difference between the texture of a bare hand and a glove can be quite profound – and gloves come in many different textures (latex, cotton, wool, knit, leather, etc.) Or if gloves are not appealing, how about a silk scarf, a linen napkin or a polyester cloth? A guy can either wrap one of those around his penis or rub it back and forth along the penis.

Also an option: move beyond the penis. Guys tend to really, really focus on the penis (with good reason), but often at the expense of pleasure brought from other erogenous zones. Start with the balls, since they’re hanging around right next to the penis, and explore, squeezing, rubbing, or even gently slapping them while masturbating. The nipples are another common erogenous zone that men tend to shy away from, in spite of the fact that many guys get great pleasure from their stimulation. Similarly, though more and more men are open to the pleasures of a prostate massage, many still feel awkward where anal play is considered – but it can be quite rewarding for those that try it while fondling their penis.

Exploring masturbation techniques work works even better when the continued use of a top notch penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) mans the penis is in prime health. Because penis sensation can be impeded through rough handling, it pays to select an oil with L-carnitine, which has neuroprotective properties to help maintain proper sensitivity. The oil should also contain arginine, an amino acid which helps production of nitric oxide and therefore helps keep penis blood vessels healthy.

Penis Power Foods: Five Foods for Fertility

Fertility can be a stressful thing. Men spend so much time trying not to get pregnant that when it comes time to start making babies, they find they need a little extra something to beef up their sperm. A great place to start is by adding these five penis power foods to a man’s daily diet to improve fertility in a whole range of ways – after all, fertility needs to be developed from every angle to ensure it’s all systems go when it comes to making a munchkin. Here are five foods for penis health that every man should include in his daily diet, especially when it’s time to make the best baby batter.

Penis Power Foods for Fertility #1: Tomatoes for Super Sperm

Looking for superhero sperm? Look no further than this round, juicy fruit. Its lycopene provides antioxidants in such high and effective amounts that it has been clinically proven to improve sperm concentration, motility, and morphology (size and shape). As a bonus, it also has been shown to help prevent prostate cancer.

Get It: Guzzle a healthy portion of salsa at happy hour or a Bloody Mary at monthly brunch with the parents. On the daily, hit up some V-8, douse some zoodles in marinara, or enjoy a mozzarella Caprese salad.

Penis Power Foods for Fertility #2: Spinach for a Testosterone Boost

Why was Olive Oyl so into Popeye? That spinach didn’t just pump up his muscles; it got something else throbbing, too. Spinach contains 66 percent folate, which boosts blood flow in the body. It also has magnesium, which stimulates blood flow. This super fuel helps propel erections and keeps erectile dysfunction at bay, which can be a real problem fertility-wise.

Get It: Throw a handful or two in your morning smoothie or have a spinach salad with lunch. The flavor of spinach is very mild when raw, so it’s easy to sneak it in a lot of places if you aren’t big on the taste of cooked spinach.

Penis Power Foods for Fertility #3: Oily Fish Gives Sperm Some Oomph

Oily fish like salmon contain Omega-3s, which improve sperm size, motility, and count. Omega-3s produce DHAs in the body, which is essential to maintain fertility. DHAs can completely reverse infertility in men who don’t have adequate amounts of it.

Get It: Get some sushi and sashimi with salmon, white fish, and tuna or have a swordfish steak. Sardines and anchovies are also delicious little fishies that will get sperm to superstar stars.

Penis Power Foods for Fertility #4: A Carrot a Day Keeps Sperm Spawning

Why are bunnies known for their immense numbers? It could be all those carrots! Science has shown that carrots contribute to higher sperm counts and improve their swimming due to carotenoids, a chemical found in everyone’s favorite snack.

Get It: Aside from the easy-to-eat-a-whole-bag baby carrots, try some ginger carrot juice in the AM or a carrot soufflé with dinner.

Penis Power Foods for Fertility #5: Avocado Toast and Morning Sex Are Related

Avocados are a trendy fruit these days, and it’s no wonder why. These creamy temptresses are full of potassium, vitamins, and healthy fats that make the sex drive hum. They also contain zinc for a testosterone boost and vitamin E to improve sperm quality. Don’t believe it? The Aztecs used to call avocado trees the “testicle tree” in response to their libido-loving powers.

Get It: Bake an egg inside it, grab some guac, or just spoon it out on its own with a little Himalayan pink. Avocados are easy to find and even easier to eat.

Now that you have everything you need on the fertility side, it’s time for the fun part! In addition to keeping the penis healthy through diet, use a quality penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) full of vitamins and minerals for topical health every day. These special oils include healthy additions that boost blood flow, keep the penis fresh and rejuvenates it after those long fertility “workouts.”

Penis Sensitivity: What It Is and How to Keep It

No, it’s not what happens when a man watches one too many rom-coms! Penis sensitivity is critical to a long, happy sexual life. A sensitive penis is a necessary tool a man must have to create awe-inspiring boners and keep them while inflagrante. Without knowing it, many men are doing things every day that dwindle their hard-on-producing tendencies. In the same vein, there are several things men can do to combat the cruel mistress of time and her effect on the family jewels. Let’s talk about what penis sensitivity is and how to keep it (and even get more of it) for a life full of excited erections.

Penis Sensitivity Explained

Penis sensitivity is a penis’s capacity to feel stimulation. It is governed by something called “sensory threshold,” which is all the ways a penis can be excited.

A man should pay attention to penis sensitivity very early in life because early care can mean greater preservation of sensory threshold during his lifetime. Why? The benefits of having a sensitive penis include more than just the ability to get erections. It also gives men more staying time, better ejaculatory control, and greater orgasmic intensity.

As men age, starting around age 25, penis sensitivity starts a slow decline, which can seem to pop up (or not pop up at all, as the case may be) out of the blue. While some loss of sensitivity is entirely natural and unavoidable, this loss can lead to the inability to ejaculate or even to get an erection in the first place. That’s why men of every age should make penis sensitivity a priority.

Penis Sensitivity: Stuff to Stop

Let’s start with things every man needs to discontinue doing now so he can manifest a more sensitive schlong. Once you stop, sensitivity should pick back up fast.

1) Ban Bad Habits. Smoking, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse are all bad for you and really bad for your penis. Smoking withers the blood vessels, and drug and alcohol abuse can deaden the penis, robbing its knack for getting and staying hard. Get healthy to increase penis sensitivity.

2) Be Wary of Too Much of a Good Thing. Orgasms are awesome; sex is wonderful. However, doing the dirty too frequently can numb the penile skin, making it more difficult to get aroused. Masturbation included here, as well.

3) Cut the Compression. Too-tight undies and bottoms can turn a sensitive penis into a cold, unfeeling one. When the member is in constant contact with fabric, the skin becomes less respondent to feeling because something is touching it all the time. Makes sense, right? Switch to something that gives the worm a little room to wiggle.

Penis Sensitivity: Stuff to Start

Now that you know what to cut, here are the behaviors to add in to preserve and potentially get more penis sensitivity, ASAP.

1) Get Creative. One of the keys to penis sensitivity is creativity. Sex can get routine over time, and that can make Mr. Happy less than excited. Switch up positions, toys, skills, and settings to breathe new life into both a man’s sex life and his member. He’ll rise to the challenge.

2) Keep It Slick. Whether doing it solo or with a partner, be sure that there’s enough lubricant. If there’s not naturally enough, then add a high-quality, water-based personal lubricant to the mix. Going dry can cause friction burn (ouch!) and lead to peripheral nerve damage.

3) Loosen up. When engaging in a little self-love, watch the grip! Be sure not to participate in death grip, or scar tissue can form over time, robbing a man of sensitivity, and can lead to things like erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease.

4) Ditch the Spare Tire. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to keeping a sensitive penis. Eat a heart-healthy diet to promote blood flow and hormonal balance and be sure to exercise to circulate oxygen throughout the body. Get quality sleep every night and find a way to manage stress, and a man will not only have prime penis health but overall health as well.

5) Add the Cs – Carnitine and Vitamin C, That Is. Two major penis health promoters, carnitine and vitamin C, do a lot to preserve penis sensitivity. Carnitine protects the penis from peripheral nerve damage, while vitamin C boosts blood flow to the area, keeping it oxygenated, and it also promotes collagen, which provides skin’s elastic, bouncy feel. Get both of these nutrients and many more by applying a specially formulated penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) every day.

Can Veganism Improve a Man’s Sex Life?

Veganism is not a new thing, but what is new is more and more men embracing what was once considered a fad and what now is a popular eating choice. In addition to reducing a man’s footprint and improving his overall health, there is a surprising, not-so-new claim that a vegan diet can result in a better sex life. So, wait. Cutting out all animal products, from steak to cheese to eggs can manifest a bigger, better intimate life? According to PETA (who may be a bit biased on this front), male celebrities like James Cameron, and a new Netflix documentary, it may be the case. Let’s see if it’s all a bunch of malarkey or if you should make a late-night trip to Whole Foods for some vegan penis superfoods.

What Is Vegan, Exactly?

Let’s start by establishing what a vegan diet restricts – all animal products and by-products. That means more than just animal flesh, which is commonly the only restriction for vegetarians. Say adios to milk, cheese, yogurt, gelatin, eggs, and any other product made by or consisting of an animal. Honey is the only thing up for debate; hard-core vegans believe it counts, while others think that’s being maybe a little too picky.

The Diet-Dick Connection

Okay, so there may be some truth to the claim, strictly from an erectile standpoint. A crap diet will oftentimes yield a crap D. Any kind of diet that constricts blood flow, like eating highly processed, inflammation-causing foods or foods that increase cholesterol, and yes, that does include animal products, can have a negative impact on the penis. However, a vegan diet is not the only way to eat healthily; in fact, some vegan diets are full of processed substitute meats, milks, and cheeses that actually increase inflammation. Add too many processed carbohydrates and sugar and insulin skyrockets and weight gain and Type 2 diabetes may not be far behind, both of which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

So sorry, veganism in and of itself isn’t a magic solution for overall health and penis health. The right kind of vegan diet can be, but so can a properly constructed omnivore-centric diet, too.

Penis Superfoods: What to Eat

So just going vegan is not the answer. However, by adding certain foods to your diet (and limiting some of the not-so-great ones), you can get a bigger bang for your nutritional buck in the downstairs department. Here’s a list of penis superfoods to be sure are fully stocked in your kitchen:

– Spinach and other leafy greens: Just ask Olive Oyl, spinach didn’t just make Popeye’s visible muscles big! Spinach has tons of magnesium, which helps dilate the blood vessels. It also contains high amounts of folate, which lowers homocysteine levels, a nasty substance that aggravates artery linings and promotes plaque buildup. It also boosts testosterone. There’s a reason why you need several servings each day!

– Natural sources of vitamin C: Add oranges, grapefruit, and peaches to your diet to boost sperm count and motility. Try to get 1000 mg or more daily.

– Avocados: Not only is it a good fat, but it also boosts libido thanks to its high zinc content (so much so that the Aztecs called avocado trees “testicle trees”). The vitamin E in them also improve sperm quality.

– Oatmeal (and other whole grains): You’ll never look at Wilford Brimley the same again after this. Oatmeal has a one-two punch below the belt: first, it boosts testosterone, which ups libido; and second, it’s packed with L-arginine, an amino acid that works with nitric oxide to relax the blood vessels around the penile muscles, letting blood flow free and easy, resulting in a rock-solid erection.

In addition to getting your penis-promoting nutrients via diet, also infuse some more of that good natural supplementation with a specially formulated penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) daily. It includes vitamin C and L-arginine, as listed above, as well as vitamins A, B, D, and E and antioxidants all rolled up in a nurturing shea butter base. It’s a key step every man should integrate into his daily self-care regimen.

Iodine, Meet Itchy Penis

Gather a dozen or so men in 1 room for an hour or so, and chances are that most of them will scratch their penises at least once. When alone with only other guys, giving a quick scratch to the penis is practically a rite of manhood. But when in a more formal setting, an itchy penis becomes a bit of a burden – and even more so when that penis seems perpetually itchy. Often, an itchy penis may require some small alterations in one’s penis health regimen. Other times – such as when iodine may be responsible for the itchy penis – other treatment modifications may be necessary.

About iodine

Iodine is considered an essential trace element, a term often thrown about in scientific reports, but its significance is not really understood by the general public. When something is an essential trace element, that means that it is needed for proper growth and development, albeit in only small quantities. (Other examples of essential trace elements include hemoglobin and vitamin B12.)

Although iodine has some small part to play in the health of the immune system, it is primarily noted for the larger role it plays in the creation of certain thyroid hormones, especially thyroxine and triiodothyronine. These hormones are intimately involved in protein and enzyme function and play an especially noteworthy role in the body’s metabolic process. In the womb and in babies, these hormones are also crucial to appropriate skeletal and nervous system development.

Iodine is perhaps most familiar to the general public in a liquid form (also called iodine, although it contains more ingredients than just the one) for use as a disinfectant. In addition, iodine is often injected into the body to aid in high-contrast imagery useful in identifying interior health issues.

Where it comes from

The body doesn’t readily make its own iodine, so it is necessary to get it from other sources. Soil contains varying amounts of iodine; crops grown in soil that has an abundance of iodine will be higher in the mineral. Some foods that more naturally include high levels of iodine include seaweed, shrimp, eggs, cod, and dried prunes. A form of iodine is often added to table salt, a process initially started to help decrease the likelihood of individuals developing growths known as goiters.

As with many other dietary elements, iodine is often added to the diet in the form of supplements.

And the itchy penis?

So what does iodine have to do with the itchy penis? It turns out that some people are allergic to iodine, and one way in which the allergy presents is as red bumps, looking somewhat like acne. They can appear anywhere on the body, including showing up as a penis rash.

In addition to looking unattractive, iodine allergies can itch mightily. The severity of the itching can depend upon the severity of the allergic reaction, as well as on factors related to skin irritation and protection.

Other symptoms of an iodine allergy include tingly lips, runny nose, gastrointestinal issues, and, in rare but serious cases, anaphylaxis, which can be life threatening. Often, consultation with a doctor is necessary to properly treat an iodine allergy.

An itchy penis due to iodine or other causes may often be alleviated by regular application of a top-drawer penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The best oil will contain moisturizing agents, such as vitamin E and shea butter, which can keep skin hydrated and decrease the itchiness caused when skin is too dry. In addition, the oil should include alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen penis skin health by fighting free radicals and the oxidative stress they can cause.

Rash on Penis: Could It Be Herpes?

When a man notices a rash on his penis, he’s likely to get very concerned – and for good reason. Those most rashes on or around the penis are benign and will go away after a few days, some of them are more serious. That can be the case with a herpes rash, which can progress to something very painful and unpleasant. Any man who is sexually active might wonder at some point if a rash on his penis is herpes. Here’s what everyone needs to know about this condition.

The Basics on Herpes

First, a basic primer: Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus. More than 50 percent of Americans have HSV-1, which is the form of herpes that causes sores in the mouth. These ulcers are usually called cold sores or fever blisters. There are many over the counter medications designed to help reduce the problem. This strain of herpes is quite common.

Genital herpes is not so common. A little less than 20 percent of people in the United States have HSV-2, which is the form of herpes that causes genital herpes outbreaks. For many people, herpes is quite mild, and a lot of those infected might have no idea they have it. For others, it can be more severe, leading to blisters and lesions on the penis.

Penis Care with Herpes

One of the first signs of herpes is a rash on the penis. There are often other signs with the first outbreak, which can include flu-like symptoms, such as muscle aches and pains, nausea, fever, and itching, burning or tingling of the skin, especially in the genital area.

Shortly after that, blisters appear. These blisters might start out as a mild rash but quickly progress to fluid-filled blisters around the penis and the anus. They might be rather painful to the touch. When the blisters open up and release their fluid, they leave behind lesions, or open wounds, that can be even more painful. Sometimes these blisters even appear in the urethra, which can make urination hurt.

Once the blisters have drained and the lesions begin to heal, they will scab over just as any other wound might. The scabs will diminish and slough away over time, leaving healed skin behind. However, another outbreak could start the cycle all over again.

When dealing with a herpes outbreak, it’s safe to say the penis skin is going through a tough time. Experts provide a few tips for dealing with it:

– Don’t mess with the blisters! Wash hands thoroughly after touching the penis.

– Keep the area clean and dry.

– Avoid tight clothing.

– Avoid excess alcohol consumption.

– Avoid UV light – no tanning beds, and no nude sunbathing.

A Final Word to the Wise

It’s important to remember that herpes can be spread easily, even when using a condom appropriately each and every time. In addition, it can be spread before a person even shows any symptoms. Therefore it is vitally important to tell all partners about herpes status, always use a condom for some protection, and stay away from sexual activity during an active outbreak of herpes.

Maintaining Good Penis Care

When dealing with a herpes outbreak, the lesions and scabs can be unsightly and uncomfortable. When the penis has healed, it’s time to use a good penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to get it back into tip-top shape. Look for a crème that contains vitamin B5, known for cell regeneration, and vitamin E, known for repairing skin cells. Also look for Shea butter, a moisturizing agent with powerful healing properties. Any rash on the penis – herpes or not – can benefit from these powerful ingredients applied on a daily basis.

Loss of Penis Sensitivity May Cause Delayed Ejaculation

At some point in their lives, most if not all men experience some penis function issue of some kind, which may be related to penis health or may be due to other factors. The most common tend to be erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, but there are other issues that can arise that impede sexual satisfaction. One of these is the problem of delayed ejaculation, which can have several contributing factors, but which tends to focus around a loss of penis sensitivity.

A legitimate problem

As the name may imply, delayed ejaculation describes a situation in which a man has difficulty ejaculating within what he might consider a reasonable amount of time. Some men, especially those who experience problems with premature ejaculation, may scoff at calling this a problem, but to those who experience it, it is a problem indeed. It can be extremely frustrating, often leading to men disengaging from a sexual experience achieving ejaculation (and orgasm). It can also cause issues with partners, who may experience some feelings of inadequacy or undesirability if the man is unable to ejaculate with them, or fatigue or discomfort if he must continue to engage in sexual activity for a vastly extended period of time before ejaculating.

Delayed ejaculation is somewhat different from priapism, a situation in which a man’s penis becomes “stuck” in the erect state, maintaining that erection for many hours. With priapism (which again is serious, despite the benefits one might see in having an extremely long-lasting erection), the erection may last long after a man has ejaculated to the point of becoming painful (and also potentially causing damage to tissue). With delayed ejaculation, a man may remain erect or he may go through “cycles” during which the penis is softer or firmer at different times.

A penis sensitivity issue

Often, a loss of penis sensitivity can be the culprit causing delayed ejaculation. As most men are aware, the nerve endings in the penis are designed to be enormously sensitive. That’s why it feels so good for the penis to be touched and stroked and why it reacts so positively and in such an enhance manner to the friction provided by penetration. But if something damages penis sensitivity and leads to a loss of sensation, the penis will be less responsive to stimuli that previously caused delicious sensations. With diminished penis sensitivity, a man and/or his partners must work much harder and for a longer period of time to achieve the same level of arousal that is needed to produce ejaculation and orgasm.

Sometimes loss of penis sensitivity and onset of delayed ejaculation are due to outside causes, such as certain medications, disorders or diseases like diabetes, spinal cord injury, or even psychological matters. But in many cases, the loss of penis sensitivity comes from rough handling of the penis or overuse. For example, men who use a “death grip” – an especially tight grip on the penis – while masturbating may “deaden” some of the nerve endings, leading to delayed ejaculation problems.

To combat diminished penis sensitivity due to physical handling, men should be sure to be well lubricated during sex (both partner-based and solo), and to avoid situations in which the penis is gripped too tightly. Sometimes letting the penis rest when it is sore can be helpful.

Another helpful way to avoid delayed ejaculation due to diminished penis sensitivity is to regularly apply a first-class penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Look for an oil that contains L-carnitine, which has neuroprotective properties to help maintain penis sensation. In addition, an oil with moisturizing agents like shea butter and vitamin E can keep the skin hydrated, which can reduce friction during sexual activities.

Avoid a Sore Penis While Penis Hanging

Pssst. Hey buddy, want a bigger penis? Even men whose endowment is more than sufficient may be apt to respond to such a question in the affirmative. Guys know it doesn’t really make sense, that penis health and skill with the equipment matter more than penis size; yet still, almost all guys think they wouldn’t mind adding another inch or two (or more) to their current penile measurement. And sometimes men will take very definite steps in search of a bigger penis, such as penis hanging. While most experts don’t believe that penis hanging or other penis lengthening methods actually provide long-term results, guys still try them. So for anyone contemplating penis hanging, take into consideration a few tips to help prevent a sore penis.

Why a Sore Penis?

Novices or the uninitiated may wonder why penis hanging might cause a sore penis. Well, there are good reasons. Basically, penis hanging is pretty much just what the name implies. It’s a method of hopefully getting a longer penis by attaching weights to the penis that will streeeeetttttch it out to a new length.

Now one can see perhaps why soreness is likely with this method. But there’s sore and then there’s SORE; adding weights to the penis is almost certain to cause some soreness, so it behooves a guy to take steps to keep the soreness to a minimum. (It should be added here that there is a risk of serious injury to any man hanging weights on his penis; guys who are determined to take this path should be very careful and proceed with caution.)


With that in mind, the steps a guy can take to minimize the severity of a sore penis from penis hanging include:

Warm the penis up thoroughly before starting. Many experts recommend starting with a warm (not hot!) compress on the penis. Take a washcloth and heat it gently, just until nice and warm, or soak it in warm water, and then wrap that around the penis and gently massage the penis inside the washcloth. (Yes, this may give a guy an erection; such is life.)

Stretch the penis out. Just as a person should do leg stretches before running, penis stretching exercises should be utilized prior to hanging. Basically, this involves gripping the base of the shaft in a circle made with the thumb and the first finger and slowly moving it up to the end of the shaft, tugging slightly as it goes along. This can be repeated numerous time, with variations on how tightly the penis is gripped. This should go on for at least 5 or 10 minutes.

Start out slow. There may be a temptation to rush in and start with a lot of weights, especially if trying a low amount of weight seems like a piece of cake. It’s better to start slow and gradually increase the weights; going too fast increases the likelihood of a sore penis.

Don’t go too long. Similarly, don’t wear the weights for an over-extended period of time. Follow instructions and if anything, err on the side of not wearing the weights long enough. Once a guy has done this for a while, he can get a better idea of how long a typical session should last.

Warm down. After releasing the penis from weights, wrapping the penis in a warm compress can provide some soothing relief.

Use a penis health oil. To decrease the likelihood of a really sore penis from penis hanging, apply a quality penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Penis skin that is well moisturized is less likely to be as sore, so utilize an oil that contains both a high-end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrator (like vitamin E). In addition, strengthen the skin via an oil that contains alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative damage from free radicals.

Penis Sensitivity: Strategies for Maintenance

One of the first things a boy learns is that touches his penis feels good – and it gets to feeling even better as he grows up. The nerve endings in the penis are especially reactive to stimuli, resulting in a degree of penis sensitivity that is essential for the enjoyment of sex. Basically, the greater the degree of penis sensitivity, the more easily orgasm is achieved – and, to some extent, the more enjoyable that orgasm is. So maintaining penis sensitivity is one penis health goal that has a palpable reward. With that in mind, what strategies should a guy employ to maintain that degree of penis sensitivity?


Well, there are several things he can try.

Loosen the grip. One of the main causes of a loss of penis sensitivity is a man masturbating with a “death grip,” that is, wrapping his hand around his penis much too tightly. When he does this, he rubs the nerve endings too roughly, and this can lead to a “deadening” sensation, with the result that stroking doesn’t feel as good. Often it leads to increasing the tightness of his grip in order to create more sensation, which in turns leads to more de-sensitization – creating a vicious cycle.

Use the lube. Similarly, masturbating or engaging in partner based sex without enough lubrication can be detrimental to penis sensitivity. Although the penis creates some natural lubrication, as does the vagina, more may be needed – and when one is masturbating or engaging in anal penetration, lubrication is almost always needed to keep the penis form being rubbed raw.

Retrain the penis. When a man does experience loss of penis sensitivity, he can take steps to help restore it. Giving the penis a rest for a few days may be necessary. Afterward, he can concentrate on retraining it. Rather than going back to the death grip when masturbating, for example, he should concentrate on getting aroused and then stroking the penis as lightly as possible, focusing first on those areas that are the most sensitive. (for many men, this is the head or the ridge around the head.) It may also be helpful to use something other than the hand, such as a scarf.

Stop sitting so much. Although rough handling can de-sensitize the penis, there are other factors which can also come into play. For example, men who sit too long – such as guys with a desk job or those who are couch potatoes – may find that the blood flow to the penis is negatively impacted, and this can cause the nerves to numb a bit. Standing up and moving around periodically while at work, or going to the gym regularly, or engaging in sports can all help to protect that vital blood flow.

Cut out the smoking and boozing. Smoking (period) and too much alcohol are just bad for general health, but they also are thought to reduce the amount of testosterone a man produces – and low testosterone levels are also associated with reduction in penis sensitivity. And low testosterone can also lead to a lowered libido, which is not something that most men want to deal with.

– Use a penis health oil. The last of these strategies for maintaining penis sensitivity also benefits penis health as a whole – daily applying a top notch penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). When selecting an oil, find one that lists both l-carnitine and arginine among its ingredients. The former is useful because it is an amino acid that has been shown to protect against nerve damage caused by friction, compression, and other common injuries. The latter is another amino acid, one which helps to maintain the health of crucial penile blood vessels.

Penis Skin and Cortisone: A Tricky Combination

When someone has itchy skin, they often reach for cortisone cream. This topical cream can work wonders for temporary itching, and so many men who have an itchy penis will reach for it before they try other things. That can be a problem, as cortisone creams can be bad for penis skin.

When a man has a rash, redness, or itchy penis symptoms, he needs to remember that the penis skin is very sensitive and thin. This means that what he can handle on, say, his arm or his leg, will have a different effect when it’s on his penis. Using this cream often can result in shiny penis skin that looks waxy and thin. However, there are ways to use cortisone cream without truly damaging the skin, especially if it is used only occasionally.

Understanding Cortisone

Cortisone is a topical cream, meant to be used on the skin. It’s actually a very low dose of steroids, meant to calm the skin and heal small issues, such as a minor rash. But the biggest use of cortisone cream is to relieve itching, especially from allergic conditions. Many people have put a dose of cortisone cream on poison ivy and similar rashes, as well as mosquito bites and other itchy bites from bugs. They use it for eczema, some forms of psoriasis, and contact dermatitis of all types. The cortisone stops the allergic reaction, thus bringing near-instant relief from the itching. It lasts for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending upon the severity of the itch.

Side Effects from Cortisone

In most cases, there are no side effects from the occasional use of cortisone cream. However, those who use excessive amounts of the cream might notice redness and irritation of the skin, or a lightening of the area in which they rubbed the cream. This lightening effect is especially true in those who have darker skin. The skin might also thin, thus making it easier to tear and abrade. As the skin begins to thin, a burning sensation might occur when adding more cream. Putting a dressing over the area can exacerbate the burning sensation.

How to Use Cortisone on the Penis Skin

It’s important to remember that penis skin is thin to begin with, and it’s very sensitive. So any use of cortisone cream should be very carefully considered. When a man does choose to use cortisone cream for an itchy penis, he should do these things:

Check with the doc. There might be an underlying cause for the itching that can be cleared up easily with some other, more penis-friendly medication. Some reasons for a rash or itching might not respond to cortisone cream, so it’s also good to know this before a guy starts using something that could affect his penis skin.

Check the dose. Always apply as little as possible to heal the itch. Start with half a dose as recommended on the tube, then go up from there.

Never use on irritated skin. If there are any breaks, cuts, scrapes, or abrasions on the skin, don’t use cortisone cream on it. That allows the cream to get underneath the skin, which can then lead to a serious burning sensation, and might lead to other problems as well.

Use it for a short period of time. If the itchy penis persists for more than a week, go see a doctor. The cortisone might be working when applied, but there is an underlying cause that must be treated – a guy can’t use cortisone forever!

Use it when unclothed. A man will want to use the cream during a time when he can let the equipment hang free, as the area needs to breathe. Remember, covering the area can cause all sorts of unwanted side effects.

Stop scratching. A man’s nails can cause breaks in the skin that lead to infection. If the cortisone is not working, don’t continue scratching at the problem. Get to the doctor as soon as possible and explain that cortisone hasn’t helped.

Use a moisturizer. Whether using it in conjunction with the cortisone cream or after the use of it, a moisturizer can help ensure the penis skin stays pliable and soft, regardless of the use of the steroids.

Taking Care of Penis Skin

When a guy is using cortisone cream, he should also be using a top-quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin). This crème will help protect the penis skin through a combination of wonder ingredients designed to soothe and moisturize.