Hormone Therapy For Women: Need, Myths, Pros And Cons

Like males, females also possess a hormone called estrogen, having almost the same functions as testosterone.

The right concentration of Estrogen in body leads to better sleep, stronger bones and joints, and better sexual functions.

Low estrogen can cause mood swings, tender breasts, fatigue and problems during intercourse.

To treat the low levels of Estrogen in human body, hormone therapy for women is carried out also known as Estrogen replacement therapy.


  • As we age the concentration of gonadal hormones falls in our body. It can leave many effects on the mood, body, and mind.
  • Estrogen is the gonadal hormone present in women. Its lower levels can lead to many problems like vaginal drying and hot flashes.
  • Sometimes, due to a disease the level of Estrogen falls drastically hence there is a need of artificially inducing estrogen through hormone therapy in the body to ensure normal body functions.

Busting myths

HRT does not have the same effect after naturally induced menopause after a certain age. Its effect falls to negligible values if no apparent cause of low estrogen is there.

HRT increases Heart disease and Cancer risk but only negligibly. It is a safe method for treating low estrogen values and disorders caused due to it.

HRT has become refined over the years. Now it is a much safer and simple method than before. It can be performed by a nonsurgical method by using

  • Pills
  • Injections
  • Gels
  • Patches

Pros Of Hormone Therapy For Women

  • It reduces the risk of osteoporotic bone fractures in elderly women, when estrogen level has drastically fallen.
  • It reduces the risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s disease
  • It can be used to treat some vaginal problems caused due to age factor and menopause. The vaginal tissues may swell and cause irritation while sleeping. Hence, it also provides better sleep conditions.
  • It can help women with their Postmenopausal symptoms and treat the problem of mood swings.

Cons Of Hormone Therapy For Women

  • You’ll need to balance the effects of estrogen through a balanced diet and proper dose of progestin. In fact, the pill, Prempro consists of both progestin and estrogen in balanced amounts.
  • If estrogen is taken in a large dose without proper balance, it can lead to certain cancers.
  • It can cause High blood pressure and Heart disease.
  • If the therapy is done during pregnancy it can have serious medical problems.
  • High dosage may result in vaginal bleeding.

Things To Do

Medical guidance is very necessary during the therapy and also after the therapy if the estrogen levels increase to dangerous levels. They can lead to uterine cancer.

The intake method of estrogen varies. If one method does not suit, you may use the safer one. For example, pellet therapy is a surgical method. If you have any infections you may use non-surgical methods like injections, pills etc.

You’ll need to take care of your diet, exercise and avoid smoking and alcohol. Because these things can mess with your treatment.

Hormone therapy has benefits coupled with some risks. You can also use natural ways to increase estrogen level. You can take foods having large quantity of phytoestrogens, Boron and Vitamin D for this purpose.

Information Provided by: Bubolo Medical

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