Gray Hair Treatment and Causes of Gray Hair

Aging is unavoidable and it affects everyone. One of the symptoms of aging is the onset of gray hair. There may be some cases where the gray comes on earlier than expected, known as premature graying, which is usually hereditary.

There doesn’t seem to be any real solution for preventing gray hair except to camouflage it with dyes.

Onset of Graying

As is the course of nature, one begins to notice some telltale sign of aging when gray strands start to sprout on our head. This may happen around 35 years of age or later as more and more grays come on. This is widely acceptable when the head turns totally gray after 55 years, but different individuals experience it at different ages.

Nature’s Course

The most obvious reason for gray hairs is that you are getting older. It is the course of nature to differentiate the young and the old. It is one of the physical changes that one experiences in the aging process.


Another reason for gray hairs is the genes. It’s your genetic makeup. Those who have it will experience the onset of gray hairs early in their lives; some as young as in the early twenties when it is understood that the hair follicles have stopped producing the required pigments for black hair and silvery strands come out instead. This hereditary condition has been difficult to rectify although there are some possible methods one can try.

Stress factor

Excessive stress can also cause gray hairs to surface, although its cause is not exactly known. It does seem to infer that stress causes the scalp cells to overreact before dying off and producing a discoloration of the hair from black to gray.

Nutritional Diet

If your diet lacks healthy doses of vitamin B, premature graying can be triggered as it is this vitamin that is responsible for a healthy black hair pigment.

Other graying factors

Other causes of graying include chemical reaction, illness or thyroid imbalance.


Though there may not seem to be many ways to overcome hereditary graying, some companies do claim credit with their products. It would be recommended to confirm that the products offered are FDI-approved before purchase and use. Adopt a diet full of vitamin B, even curry leaves, which will strengthen your hair cells pigments.

There are a variety of home and natural ingredient remedies, such as homemade dyes, which one can consider.

Commercialized dyes are also available, but do check the chemical content to avoid harsh treatments on your scalp cells and hair follicles.