Ladies Wigs – The Real, The Replacement and The Ridiculous

Wigs come in different shapes, sizes and colours. They also differ in terms of the materials they are made with. And depending on how you want to use them, they are a lot of wigs readily available in the market. With all of them, there is a sure guarantee that you would definitely be able to find a suitable one for your needs.

There is a wide classification for ladies wigs. There is human hair, synthetic hair, monofilament and wigs made for people suffering from a medical condition.

Human hair wigs are made from, yes you guessed it, actual human hair. Although they are really lifelike and are very convincing, they also tend to be the most expensive when in terms of price and maintenance. Human hair are pricy, they come from other people and is very delicate and hard to make. Manufactures tend to exercise extreme care and caution not to damage the hair during processing. The fun doesn’t stop there though; human hair also need a lot of attention. You have to follow strict guidelines in maintaining them in order to have them last for a very long time. Or otherwise, hair would weather away.

Can’t afford human hair wigs? You can also try out synthetic hair wigs. These aren’t that expensive compared to human hair. And on top of that, they also don’t require much maintenance, as most synthetic hair are made with high quality durable materials fit for rough use. Additionally, if you are looking for outrageous hair styles with a colourful look, synthetic hair is right for you. Rather than styling your hair the way you want, which would require you to use a lot of products, synthetic hair would be a good choice. These wigs come in different sizes and colours, or if you want, you can talk to a manufacturer and describe to them your out-of-the-ordinary idea, with regards to wigs of course.

Lastly, monofilament wigs, they are described as one of the best functional you can hope for. The hairs are tied to a monofilament and that the wig itself allows your scalp to show through. Because of this, the wig is breathable and gentle of the scalp. Which is a plus for people who have very sensitive scalps. Complete monofilament wigs are also known as 100% hand-tied wigs. As the name goes, they are woven strand-by-strand manually. Although, they come a bit pricey, because of their nature, these are the ultimate heavy weights in the industry, when talking about the balance of fashion style, functionality, comfort and trend. In addition, monofilament wigs are composed of thin breathable polyester or nylon that blends with the colour of your scalp. This means that it can hardly be noticed by other people. Which is another plus if you don’t want other people to know that you are wearing one.

In conclusion, ladies wigs are more common that what you think. Nowadays there are already a lot of manufacturers that make the different kinds of it. This is so that people with special requirements or has a preference on wigs can be able to get what they want. Wigs are also fun to wear, they can improve how you look and boost your overall image. But functionality wise, there are different kinds for you to choose from. All you need to do is list down your requirement and browse through catalogues to see if what you are looking for is readily available. If not, you can also talk to manufacturers to advice you or even have one especially made for you.