Makeup: The Truth Behind the “Truth”

The under-eye concealer that you are using now must match with the foundation you’re using. How many times have you heard or read that? If you are someone who closely follows makeup tips and tricks on beauty magazines and websites, you must have come across so many professionals, who swear by this cardinal rule of makeup- your concealer and your foundation should blend perfectly with each other. However, you will be quite surprised to know that it’s nothing more than a myth. International trainer for Illamasqua, Ross Andrewartha opines that you can select a concealer which is totally different from the foundation used to cover your face. Just ensure that you are selecting a concealer with peach undertone as this will go on to eliminate any blue undertone under your eyes. That’s it!

Today, we are going to bust more such common makeup myths. You can trust us. Even the best Commercial makeup Artist will vouch for what we are going to say. So, read in and stay informed.

Do you really need to change your makeup with every season?

Another dominant myth (besides the one we have already mentioned in the first paragraph) ruling the makeup scenario is that you should change your makeup with seasons. Yes it is true that you need to consider the weather while picking up something like your foundation but there is definitely no need to come up with changes in the basic makeup routine. The experts say that what looks good in chilly winters can look equally effective in the sticky monsoons as well. Just consider introducing minor changes to this routine only if needed. For instance, if you find yourself with bronze skin during summer, you can actually go on to change your light foundation for something subtly dark.

The truth behind highlighting your nose

Are you highlighting your nose without fail in order to make it look slim? If yes, then let us tell you will only be able to achieve the desired look if you’re capable of doing it properly at the first place. If you don’t know the right technique, then don’t expect that highlighting your nose will make it look slimmer. You would only want to apply highlights in area that are most prominently hit by light.

Cleaning the brushes

Is your stylist asking you to clean your makeup brushes every month? It is necessary to clean them every week (not month). They attract a lot of germs and dirt within a short period of time and it is absolutely imperative on your end to clean them with gentle baby shampoo and warm water. If you are waiting a month for the next wash then you are actually allowing a lot of germs to contaminate your skin. You should be extra cautious about the cleaning regime if you have sensitive skin or skin conditions like acme or eczema.

These are the most common make-up fallacies that need to be busted. So, after reading this post, do spread the word so that others are duly informed as well. Shine on!