“Frequent Fallers” One Disabled Perspective

Since 1992, when ADA ~ Americans with Disabilities Act ~ took effect, we have witnessed an astronomical increase in community awareness. Vast numbers of handicapped persons who had rarely ventured out have come into public view. The sick have been assisted. Many broken have been made mobile. Physically unfortunates have been empowered. As Machiavelli said, “Power corrupts.” Some of we […]

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How to Cope With Agitation In Your Loved One Who Has Alzheimer’s

Many times, understanding the meaning of a word can give us great insight into the issue at hand. What is agitation? Extreme emotional disturbance. (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language) A stirring up or arousing; disturbance of tranquility; disturbance of mind that shows itself by physical excitement. (Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary). A mental state of extreme emotional disturbance, […]

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Take Action Now and Achieve Your Goals

TAKE ACTION! I swear, it seems as if there are more opinions regarding fat loss than there are people. It’s amazing. What’s even more amazing (and frustrating), is that most of them are wrong, if not downright dangerous. There is just way too much information for you to even get started with a successful program, sometimes known as “information overload”. […]

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