Three Ways to Improve In-Home Safety

Falling down is one of the top sources of prolonged injury within the senior citizen community. Many people view this as a necessary part of aging, as something that will happen no matter what. These people are wrong. It is not possible to eliminate the chance of falling completely-accidents will always happen-but it is very simple to help reduce their impact upon your life. If you care for an elderly relative, consider the following information in regards to falling and living a healthy life.


Eating enough and getting enough nutrients can be a lot harder in the elderly. Many folks just don’t have the same appetite as they did when they were younger. Malnourishment and muscle atrophy leaves the body weak and vulnerable. If someone has lost a lot of weight thanks to not eating enough, they will be much more likely to have a disastrous fall.

Another thing to consider is osteoporosis. This bone disease can happen if you are not ingesting enough calcium. Make milk and dairy an important staple within your elderly relative’s diet. Give them a better chance of keeping all bones intact in the off chance that they do suffer a fall.


There are some safety measures you can take in order to reduce the chance of falling. Wearing rubber soled shoes around the house might seem obvious, but many people prefer to wear slippers or socks within their homes. A rubber soled shoe, however, will help prevent slipping on wet areas much better than a sock or barefoot could handle. You also want to make sure that there is not a lot of items on the floor. Having dirty clothes or your grandchildren’s toys strewn about is just asking for trouble. Keep your walkways free so that you can avoid tripping over any such items.

Emergency Preparedness

Everyone knows that with aging comes some downfalls. One of these is falling. But by having a concrete emergency plan in place just in case a fall does occur is only prudent. Share this plan with your family members and friends and have a chain of communication open so that you can get the help you need in an immediate fashion. Many folks like to have a “life line” system installed as well. This system has been featured on television and it consists of just a bracelet or necklace with a button on it. If something happens, the wearer simply presses that button and their phone connects automatically to emergency services. This is useful in the event of a fall since if they cannot get up, they will not be able to get to a phone. This will allow you to get help regardless of where you are in your home.