The Natural Field Of Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a form of optometry that differs from traditional methods of eye care. One of the distinguishing features of vision therapy is the fact that it consists of an all natural approach to solving vision problems. This all natural approach does not involve the use of surgery or traditional methods of vision improvement. Such an all natural approach to vision care consists of a patient directed program of activities that are designed to heal the visual system. These visual activities can involve eye exercises and other natural techniques that are used to correct vision problems and improve vision conditions. If you are interested in this subject here is some information concerning the areas of natural eye care that this field of vision care addresses:

In order to qualify as a good candidate for vision therapy it is recommended that the patient should receive a comprehensive eye exam. From this point of view, the results of such an eye examination determine the patient’s eligibility to receive vision therapy treatment. The visual activities and exercises are usually performed under the care and supervision of a qualified optometrist. Eye exercises and other natural techniques are performed. Some of these visual activities designed to heal the visual system, involve the use of prisms, lenses, filters, specialized instruments and also computer programs that are designed to improve and upgrade the natural function of the visual system.

Some vision health issues that vision therapy can correct includes the following: eye conditions such as Amblyopia better known as lazy eye, strabismus(cross eyes), problems involving eye muscle problems that are associated with eye movement and also eye problems related to focusing problems. Vision therapy is also known as vision training, and is also commonly called therapy for the eyes. These natural techniques help to improve other eye conditions such as double vision problems associated with convergence insufficiency,( the inability of both eyes to turn inwardly while looking at nearby objects), and also improves problems focusing while reading.

This type of therapy is very effective in treating vision problems. This is especially the case with vision alignment issues that cannot be treated with glasses such as lazy eye and double vision. Even in spite of the fact that this form of eye care is considered controversial among practitioners in the traditional eye care industry many research studies have shown its effectiveness in correcting learning problems that students face in schools that are associated with focusing problems. This is due to the fact that the techniques do improve the ability of the eyes to work together as a team. These techniques also help to straighten misaligned eyes as well. Overall, these natural activities and vision exercises teach the visual system to heal itself by correcting abnormalities related to eye movements. These techniques also strengthen the connection between the brain and the eyes in order to solve vision problems.

Vision therapy is a natural form of vision improvement which is also commonly called therapy for the eyes or vision training. These visual activities are performed under the proper supervision of a trained eye care professional such as an optometrist. These eye exercise techniques and other treatments that are performed are done in conjunction with the use of prisms, lenses, instruments and computerized programs that are designed to improve and upgrade the health of the visual system. These techniques improve a variety of vision problems and vision conditions such as double vision, lazy eye, strabismus and convergence insufficiency to name a few. Research studies have proven the effectiveness of these techniques. With the practice of this alternative method of vision correction you can do the things that you need to do to improve and upgrade the health of the visual system for years to come.