Change Your Lifestyle & Combat Fatigue

In my article Take Back Your Life, I talk about ways to get out from under the lengthening to do list and the stress of every day life. So, imagine my surprise when I saw a commercial the other day for a new drug on the market to help you combat “fatigue” – once called exhaustion. They actually go on to say that this product is a “natural” alternative to caffeine and sugar to help you stay alert and energized in the wake of fatigue. First of all, caffeine and sugar are not synthetic. They too are natural products, and we already know they are not good for you. In this day and age, people are too ready to pop pills or drink beverages that claim to be “all natural” when the reality is that natural products can be just as dangerous or more so than chemicals. After all, there are varieties of mushrooms that can kill you if eaten.

The commercial goes on to list the causes of fatigue as too much to do, a busy day and stress. In today’s society we are too ready to take a quick fix pill to combat a problem that is not caused by a bacteria or virus but rather by our own actions.

I offer you this alternative. Take stock of your life and make healthy choices and changes. The exhaustion will go away and there won’t be a need to down pills to get you up.

If you are feeling like life is overwhelming then you need to follow some simple rules, because afterall, none of us was issued a Superman cape upon entering adulthood.

1. Make a list of all of the activities and chores you do each week.

2. Be honest about what is necessary and which you are doing out of sense of obligation.

3. If you have children, now is a good time to evaluate their activities too. It is sad to say, but it is possible that your children are in the same state of exhaustion that you are.

4. From this list, mark the ones that are the most important to you and your family.

5. Discard the rest. Yes, you read that correctly. Find a way to get rid of them. It is sort of like donating your unwanted goods. Just give them away. If it is a social activity then put an end to it. If it is a chore, higher a professional to finish the project and move on.

It is very important that you do not feel guilty about giving up activities or projects. That only adds stress. Remember that if you have gotten to the point of sheer exhaustion, then it is time to take back your life. Get in control again. If you are saying to yourself, it is all important and that is why I am doing it, then you probably need to hire a life management specialist to help you really find the true priorities in your life. Nothing is more important than the health and well being of you and your family.