Neck and Shoulder Pain

I’ve been in the healing arena for the last two decades. One of the most common areas of grief are the neck and shoulders region. The bad news is that this type of pain is most usually chronic if not addressed with proper pain management. The good news is that much of this pain derives from tightness and/or muscular imbalances in other areas of the body.

For example, if you are experiencing tightness, or decreased range of motion in your neck. Many times, this may stem from what we term ” referred pain.” You have the pain in your neck or shoulder. but, it actually derives from an area in your hip that may or may not be currently giving you any grief. It isn’t until you see a qualified Healer/ Massage therapist to understand “Trigger point” therapy, Myofascial release and/or Neuromuscular therapy. This consists of various stretches applying pressure on specific trigger points, meanwhile monitoring the clients breathing pattern to ensure optimal relaxation.

In addition, you can help yourself by implementing stretching into your routine post exercise. There’s nothing wrong with stretching prior to exercise, but one of the main points of stretching, is to allow the muscle fibers to go back to their “resting length”. By stretching post-exercise, it’s more prone to happen.

Areas of focus that would only enhance a treatment would be stretching the muscles surrounding your hips, hamstrings, and the hip flexors, as well as the specific areas you’re experiencing the pain.

Another area of concern, clients are always surprised when I share with them that we hold our emotions in our hips. As shocking and revealing as it may be, it’s true. Can you remember going through a very emotional time in your life where you had extreme pain in your body? Possibly chronic, and would never fully dissipate despite your efforts? Again, going back to the previous paragraph. Many times areas in the hips such as the piriformis, or gluteus medius may be very tight, holding emotional trauma from years ago. Until that is dealt with, it may or may not surface as pain in your body. It’s definitely something to think about, and an eye opener. As a healer, and from experience myself, I know just how effective regular massage and stretching truly is.

Proper attention with a skilled professional could alleviate pain in just one treatment if you’re lucky. Once you’re in the pain-free zone. frequency is up to you! With any good judgment, it’ll become part of your routine.

Here’s to your HEALTH. Now, be a good friend, and share this with someone you care for! They will Thank you!