What Are The Benefits Of Having Less Stress?

Stress can affect our bodies in lots of different ways. In some senses stress is useful, keeping us alert for danger and helping us react faster when that danger threatens us. However, constant exposure to stress such as in a job or everyday a child goes to school can have a very negative impact on someone’s body. Stress can cause anything from headaches and all over body aches, to serious stomach upsets. Gradually stress can lead on to manifest as eating disorders or substance abuse, both conditions people would rather avoid than develop.

The benefits of having less stress begin with a more peaceful life. If you aren’t’ constantly feeling stress then your body has a chance to relax, which is great for releasing endorphins and generally keeping a body operating to its fullest capacity. Generally not feeling stressed every moment of every day helps people enjoy their lives a lot more, and to most people this might seem like a silly benefit, but there are those who solidly work every day and never get a break who can barely stand their lives.

A major benefit of having less stress is a lower chance of being depressed. Studies have shown that those who experience more stress have a higher rate of depression, which is incredibly dangerous in some cases, as depression can lead to all sorts of problems in a person’s life. With a lower chance of being depressed, people will be happier and enjoy their life more. This might seem like a trivial side effect of being less stressed, but for many people out there simply being less stressed could seriously help their lives.

Another benefit of being less stressed is a healthier cardiovascular system. Research in the area has found a definite link between a person’s stress levels and the health of their hearts, arteries and veins in general. The research showed that those with higher stress levels were more prone to heart attacks, and were at a higher risk from other diseases and conditions relating to the cardiovascular system.

In conclusion, the effects of having less stress are a healthier body and mind. To manage stress properly people need to find effective ways to decrease their stress, possibly through exercise or meditation, but definitely through removing themselves from stressful situations. The elderly and overweight are more at risk from stress, and should find ways to decrease the amount in their lives as soon as possible.