Penis Sensitivity: Strategies for Maintenance

One of the first things a boy learns is that touches his penis feels good – and it gets to feeling even better as he grows up. The nerve endings in the penis are especially reactive to stimuli, resulting in a degree of penis sensitivity that is essential for the enjoyment of sex. Basically, the greater the degree of penis sensitivity, the more easily orgasm is achieved – and, to some extent, the more enjoyable that orgasm is. So maintaining penis sensitivity is one penis health goal that has a palpable reward. With that in mind, what strategies should a guy employ to maintain that degree of penis sensitivity?


Well, there are several things he can try.

Loosen the grip. One of the main causes of a loss of penis sensitivity is a man masturbating with a “death grip,” that is, wrapping his hand around his penis much too tightly. When he does this, he rubs the nerve endings too roughly, and this can lead to a “deadening” sensation, with the result that stroking doesn’t feel as good. Often it leads to increasing the tightness of his grip in order to create more sensation, which in turns leads to more de-sensitization – creating a vicious cycle.

Use the lube. Similarly, masturbating or engaging in partner based sex without enough lubrication can be detrimental to penis sensitivity. Although the penis creates some natural lubrication, as does the vagina, more may be needed – and when one is masturbating or engaging in anal penetration, lubrication is almost always needed to keep the penis form being rubbed raw.

Retrain the penis. When a man does experience loss of penis sensitivity, he can take steps to help restore it. Giving the penis a rest for a few days may be necessary. Afterward, he can concentrate on retraining it. Rather than going back to the death grip when masturbating, for example, he should concentrate on getting aroused and then stroking the penis as lightly as possible, focusing first on those areas that are the most sensitive. (for many men, this is the head or the ridge around the head.) It may also be helpful to use something other than the hand, such as a scarf.

Stop sitting so much. Although rough handling can de-sensitize the penis, there are other factors which can also come into play. For example, men who sit too long – such as guys with a desk job or those who are couch potatoes – may find that the blood flow to the penis is negatively impacted, and this can cause the nerves to numb a bit. Standing up and moving around periodically while at work, or going to the gym regularly, or engaging in sports can all help to protect that vital blood flow.

Cut out the smoking and boozing. Smoking (period) and too much alcohol are just bad for general health, but they also are thought to reduce the amount of testosterone a man produces – and low testosterone levels are also associated with reduction in penis sensitivity. And low testosterone can also lead to a lowered libido, which is not something that most men want to deal with.

– Use a penis health oil. The last of these strategies for maintaining penis sensitivity also benefits penis health as a whole – daily applying a top notch penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). When selecting an oil, find one that lists both l-carnitine and arginine among its ingredients. The former is useful because it is an amino acid that has been shown to protect against nerve damage caused by friction, compression, and other common injuries. The latter is another amino acid, one which helps to maintain the health of crucial penile blood vessels.