Finding The Right Doctor While You’re Pregnant

Your first time pregnancy can come with many different feelings and plenty of questions and concerns.

Finding the right doctor may be very overwhelming. This is a very important time in your life and you are going to need to trust your doctor fully, not only during your pregnancy, but during the delivery of your new baby boy, or girl. No matter what the sex of the baby is all that matters is he or she gets here healthy with all fingers and toes.

Tips on Finding the Right Doctor:

Ask Around (Family, Friends, Family Doctors)

Make Sure you Doctors Office is close to home

Check to Make Sure the Doctor and Visits are Covered by your Insurance

Most of all “Go with your GUT”

Asking family, and friends is a great way to finding the right OB Doctor, listening to other peoples experiences will help you feel more comfortable when making your choice. However this is your choice don’t let anyone make the decision for you. You know your body and you must be very comfortable and trust your doctor during your first pregnancy.

Remember this is the person who will be enjoying the experience of pregnancy and labor with you so comfort and trust is key when looking for the Right Doctor.

Making sure your doctor is close to home not only is a great peace of mind during your first pregnancy, but it also is great in the last months where moving around and traveling may become a little uncomfortable.

Someone should always be available to be contacted at anytime for questions and emergency situations. Most doctors offices have a answering service for after business hours and an Emergency Hotline number for those just in case situations.

Having a baby is NOT CHEAP. Make sure you have insurance that the doctor you choose accepts (not all doctors take the same insurance policies). If you do not have insurance, again there are several programs out there that you would qualify for depending on your income.

Any of these tips on finding the right doctor are great, but the best advise I can give is “go with your gut.” You will know when you have found the right doctor to take on this incredible responsibility of bringing this beautiful baby into this world with no incident. This new and exciting time should not be scary, this is a time to glow and be pampered. Enjoy!