How To Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy – A Mother’s Guide

In getting pregnant, you just don’t think about which sex positions will help you conceive effectively and successfully. More than body positions, you also need to pay attention to the physical condition of your body. You need to know how to prepare it in order to become pregnant.

First, you need to be attentive with what you eat. What you need are foods that can increase levels of fertility. Nutritious and balanced meals will not only be good in slimming down your waistline. These meals will also influence your menstrual cycle, ovulation and eggs. Foods that can help enhance fertility are unsaturated fats like olive oil, avocados and nuts. Eating such foods can help prepare the body for an imminent pregnancy.

Pay attention to your health problems that might be an obstacle or issue in pregnancy. Thyroid diseases, diabetes, ovarian syndrome, etc. can greatly affect the chances of conceiving. Natural treatments for these conditions must be considered. You should discuss with your doctor how the prescribed medications will affect your chances of getting pregnant healthily. Diseases that are sexually transmitted may also hinder pregnancy chances. STDs can make the fallopian tube blocked due to probable scarring.

You must also be able to lessen the amount of stress your body experiences. Stress can greatly interfere with the brain, which also controls and directs the ovaries to produce eggs on a monthly basis. Chronic stress can affect the menstruation cycle, ovulation phases and the egg hatching. There are lots of techniques that will help you reduce stress and increase your fertility levels.

Avoid unhealthy habits like smoking. Smoking per se does not only affect the mother and her baby during pregnancy. This cigarette habit can also have an immense impact prior to pregnancy. The blood vessels, including those leading to the ovaries, become constricted. This then results to quick loss of eggs. Early infertility can be caused by smoking.

Take folate or folic acid to prepare you for pregnancy. Folate can be difficult to obtain from your diet alone so taking folate supplements will be necessary. Taking folic acid will also help prevent defects in the neural tube such as Spina Bifda that is known to be among the common birth defects. Folate must be taken three months before conception. About 400ug of folate is recommended until the 12th week of being pregnant. Folate can be obtained from foods such as broccoli, spinach, asparagus, berries, beef and bran flakes.

Staying fit is also another great preparation for getting pregnant. Exercising will do much in improving fertility, but only if done appropriately. The body needs to be healthy in order to be prepared for conception. Exercise will promote proper blood circulation to all parts of the body, including your reproductive system. Exercise can also help reduce stress from every day events. It will help you to achieve better sleep, giving your body sufficient time to recover and recharge. Nevertheless, exercising more than how much you should can also degrade fertility. Running over 20 miles within a week can cause irregular menstrual cycles. If your present fitness workout is interfering with your menstruation, you need to lessen it and promote regular menstruation and higher level of fertility.