Maternity Swimwear For The Summer Solstices

This year, the summer solstice sneaked in a day early on June 20, 2012. For those of you who may not know, the summer solstice is the longest day of the year. It is also the heralding of the start of summer and the heat that is to follow. When we think of the summer and the heat, we think of keeping cool and, if your are a pregnant woman, you may be thinking of lounging in a pool and relieving the weight on your belly as well. One of the problems of choosing a maternity swimsuit is not knowing what type to buy. Fortunately, there are four different types available.

One of the most popular types of swimwear is the halter style. This bathing suit has a tie around the back of the neck for the bra support. The halters can have various types of fabric hanging from the bottom of the bra so as to cover your belly or show a little skin. A good example of this is the Prego Halter Baby Doll which ties around the neck but has a skirt which extends down below the waist. It provides maximum cover and hides your belly better if you are getting a bit bigger due to being later in your pregnancy. On the opposite side is a Maternal America Jessie Flutter Halterkini. The suit top ties behind the neck but has a lighter mesh material that may move about in the wind to show a bit of skin. It is also has see through so, while it may not be obvious, your stomach will be visible.

Similar to the halter is the tank style maternity bathing suit. Instead of tying behind the neck, the tank goes over the shoulders and connects to straps on the back. It’s becoming harder to find this style of maternity swimwear but one choice is the Prego Ring-Kini. This maternity bathing suit sports the over the shoulder straps in addition to an extra wide elastic band under the bust. It is a really supportive suit if you are up in the D and E range of bra cups. The skirt portion of the suit drops down below the waist with just a hint of the bottoms showing. It is extremely comfortable and great if you have small children who are always pulling at you in the pool. Another choice also from Prego is their Posh tankini. This suit is basically the same except for the bust line. Whereas the ring-kini has more of a plunging neckline, the posh is that of a scoop neck. It is a more nuanced look that creates more style and less function.

For those that are really brave or just proud of your belly, you should go for the maternity bikini. Many women try their pre-pregnancy bikini but suddenly find that bottoms sit down too far and the top is too tight. Maternity bikinis are cut to ensure that they stay on and contour to your ever growing size. Additionally, many of the tops have wider straps for comfort as your breast start to get fuller as you add on weeks. A really basic but stylish choice is the bow tie top bikini. It has a wide band on the bikini bottoms that is super stretchy. The top sports wider straps for comfort with a scoop neckline and a bow tie where the top meets in the front center. For something a bit more racy, you can try the BelaBummBum ring maternity bikini. With its fuchsia color and gold embellished rings at the bikini bottoms as well as ring connecting the two bra cups together, this suit will certainly draw attention to your hot body!

For those who like to show a bit of skin but not the belly, a great option would be the strapless mini maternity swimsuit. Strapless swimwear has always been a popular choice with women whether pregnant or not. Its greatest benefit is that there are no tan lines on the shoulders. They also allow you to show of your chest without being revealing. For women who want to cover up their behinds, you can easily find a strapless mini with an extra long skirt. The advantage of the strapless mini is that it doesn’t look as frumpy when you where a long top because the lines of it are more elegant.

No matter what you choose for your maternity swimwear, there is that style which is just you. Take your time and look around. There’s bound to be something to make you feel sexy at the summer solstice.