Acne Skin Care Myths

I was reasearching the subject of acne the other day for a site I am building and I kept running across a ton of myths that many people believe. There is always a little truth to each idea that creates a myth and that is what fuels it’s continued belief. Here are some of the myths I found about acne treatment.

Myth #1 “Poor Hygiene & Cleanliness Causes Acne Blemishes”

This could be true if you simply never washed your face but that is not the case with most people who suffer from acne. The acne problem is underneath the skin layer and in the pores.

Myth #2 “If You Dry Out Your Face The Acne Bacteria Will Die”

This one works almost exactly the opposite of what you are expecting. You can actually create more acne if you dry out your face because the dead cell matter will clog your pores more and increase the infection in the future. This myth continues to be popular because most acne medications dry out your face while killing bacteria. The good ones also add a moisturizer.

Myth #3 ” If You Have Acne It Is Because Of A Poor Diet”

This one could be true because there is some connection to diet and its’ long term effects on your skin but it is not a usable cure. The connectin to diet and acne is not that you are eating so wrong but that you may be missing vital minerals and vitamins that help fight bacteria and infection.

Myth #4 “Just Pop The Acne Pimple To Get Rid Of It”

This myth is downright dangerous to those that use it. You not only make infections worse you could actually create a scar that is permanent. Use the acne medication and applications but never pop the pimples.

Myth #5 “Time Will Some How Cure The Acne”

This myth hides itself in many ways. Some people with say acne is only a problem for teenagers. Well tell that to the thousands of adults that get it every day. Others will make a comments about acne being a phase and that it will clear up in time. This may happen every now and then but it puts the acne sufferer at the risk of not getting help at the beginning of a break out. This is vital to prevent spreading of the acne.

Being aware that much of what is known about acne is based on oppinon and not facts wil lead you on the course to acne relief faster. Feel free to read more of my acne articles so you can become an expert at []