Homemade Acne Treatments

Homemade acne treatments are usually considered as a primary remedy for acne. Acne is a skin problem which includes different manifestations such as pimples, white heads, and black heads. The treatment for acne is one of the most searched topics since it will cause permanent scars in the face if left untreated. Most people, especially teenagers, want to get rid of acne as it affects their glamour and attractiveness. Of course, who does not want to become beautiful?

Home made treatments are appreciated for acne since most of the applications are external. The impact studies of the treatment are not necessarily required since it is not consumed internally. Side effects are also less since most of the ingredients are natural items.

Homemade treatments start with careful cleaning of the skin. Rosewater is usually suggested in most of the treatments. Low concentrated alcohol is also suggested in a few treatments for cleaning. Milk and curd are recommended for the cleaning of those affected by dry skin. Cleaning is important in acne treatment because it removes the dirt in the skin and opens up the pores. Oatmeal is used for both cleaning the face and as a face pack for the treatment.

Turmeric is the most popular ingredient in the face pack, which is used in various compositions, according to the nature of the skin. Studies have proven that turmeric has an inherent bactericidal property. In addition, it also acts as a skin nourishment and coloring agent, which fades the scars in the face. In case of oily skin, turmeric is mixed with rosewater to make the paste; where as for dry skin, milk cream or curd is preferred. Turmeric can be mixed with certain medicinal herbs, if the acne is infected. The combination with fresh fruits is also common for acne treatment. Turmeric and lemon juice is one of the most effective combinations.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are used in sliced form or paste form. Citrus fruits, cucumber, tomato and potato are commonly used for the treatment. Cucumber and potato are round sliced and fixed on the face, where as paste form of the fruits is more popular. Grape juice and orange juices are also used in the treatment. Garlic is also commonly used, directly wiping on the face or as a paste.

Honey is another major ingredient in the treatment packs. Honey is either directly applied or mixed with lemon juice. The honey and apple combination is a popular home acne treatment while the leaves of fenugreek and mint are also applied in paste form with honey or with out since both are bactericidal and oxygenic. Multana miti paste is also used in the home acne treatment.

Apart from natural components, vinegar, salt and soda ash are also suggested by some for the acne treatment. However, it is best to formulate a personal formula, by identifying the best from trying out different combinations.

Homemade acne treatments focus to have a regular care for the skin, to make it clean and healthy, and obviously, it will be effective too.