You Can Give Your Whole Body A Facial With A Body Wrap

How much time do you spend to make your face look youthful and attractive? While we’re at it, how much money do you spend on the process? Do you painstakingly examine your face in the mirror each morning to determine if your regimen is working? Do you then take the time to make sure that your pores are suitably open so that they can be cleansed properly? Most people, who are determined to have great looking skin, follow all of the above rules. They steam their faces, then apply a cleanser designed to go deep into the pores and remove toxins and oils. Next up is the face mask, to draw out impurities and tighten the pores. An astringent is usually applied next, to close the pores so that new dirt can’t get in. Then comes the all important moisturizer, so that wrinkles won’t stand a chance when they try to appear on your face.

That’s all for the good and its great that you take so much time to make your face retain its glow. What about the rest of your skin? Those same people, who follow a regimen religiously to take care of their face, usually neglect the rest of their bodies. The skin is the largest organ of the body and needs to be taken care of in its entirety. Those same practices that you apply to your face should also be applied to your body as well.

Those people who have come to recognize this indulge in body wraps. Body wraps are growing in popularity and rightfully so. The same way that toxins and dirt need to be removed from the face at pore level, they need to be removed from the body at pore level as well.

When you get a body wrap, you may be interested in seeing how much like a facial it is. First the pores have to be open in order for them to be cleansed well. In order to achieve this, the clinician will put a cream or oil on your skin, depending on the type of wrap that you want. You can get a wrap designed to energize you, a wrap designed to deeply cleanse or a wrap designed exfoliate and remove the dead skin. For a deep cleanse, many clinicians apply a form of mud or clay to draw out the impurities in the skin. They then wrap you in a warm blanket to help in the process. The warmth of the blanket combined with the mud or whatever they choose to use will cleanse the skin at pore level and restore its youthful appearance.

After the wrap, you may be led to a warm bath, where you can soak in the tub and remove the mud or oils. This is truly a luxury that everyone can use. Even if you already have the skin of a movie star, nothing beats the pampered feeling of getting wrapped in a warm blanket and having someone take the time to make you look and feel your best.