You Can Fight The Law and Win – I Did!

So many times I have heard women say “but I can’t afford an attorney.” Sadly, this is often the case for victims of domestic abuse. Such was the case with me – I was financially drained by the time my divorce was final. The truth is, however, you CAN fight back without the assistance of an attorney, and you CAN win, if you know what the court considers in domestic violence cases (the truth may surprise you.) While it was the most difficult time of my life, I made it happen, and I can now share with you exactly how I did it.

My eBook, “I’m Still Standing” outlines the strategy I used to fight my ex-husband in court without the assistance of an attorney as a result of his multiple attempts to take my child in an effort to maintain control of my life. While he had the benefit of legal costly legal counsel (and therefore assumed he could abuse and manipulate the system to continue to harm me), I had the LAW to fall back on. One would think it would be cut and dry.

Much to my horror, the law refused to protect me, and I had to get tough. It was a do-or-die situation, and my instinct to live came to serve me when I most needed it. I strategically forced the law to enforce itself, and it is to this fact that I owe my livelihood and life free from abuse today.

Please break your silence and end the violence.