Are You A Nervous Yoga Teacher? Here Are Tips That Can Help You

If you want to achieve greatness in any skill, then you have to practice hard. That doesn’t mean that you become perfect in one day, you need to start from somewhere. Most yoga teachers, at the start of their career can even shy away from teaching. This is what nervousness can cause. You just have to believe in yourself and hope everything will work out fine. Here are some key points that can help you perform better.

1. Remind yourself of what yoga basically is.

This is very important. You need to ask yourself, what makes what you teach, to be regarded as yoga practice? No matter your level of experience, teachers of yoga are expected to have the right answer to this question. Although, many of them may not even ask themselves the question. As a beginner, it will be very okay if you can form the habit of reminding yourself about this. It will help you to clarify what you teacher people to do on their yoga mats.

2. Remember your reason for teaching

Everyone have their own motivation to teach yoga. But all of them have one thing in common; that is a desire to share the benefits of the practice with others. Once you graduate from a yoga teacher training course, you tend to have so much information swimming in your head at the same time. This might even make you to lose focus on the original reason you started teaching.

3. Teach only what you are familiar with

It is very important to teach what you know. As a yoga teacher, there is always pressure on you to get to the next level. Since you are finding time to calm yourself, so you can give your best, teaching what you do not really know much about might not be a good idea. When you teach yoga asanas to people with different body structures and level of skills, you need to know not just how the pose works for you, but also for them too.

4. Always prepare yourself

As the saying goes, “He who fails to plan, has already planned to fail.” As newbies, it is very important for you to prepare yourself before teaching any yoga class. With proper preparation, you will not struggle. With it, there will not be need for you to draft something down that you may end up not making use of. This might not be the actual thing for those with many years of experience but for starters, it is a great idea to always prepare. In that state, you are not under pressure so it would be easier for you.

5. Remember that you are teaching people

As a yoga teacher, you should give room to relate with your students. Most teachers see their students as poses or even a test of their yoga knowledge or teaching ability.

You most not be an expert, for you to teach yoga perfectly. Just make sure you know what you are doing, and the rest would be history.