Asana For Moms: Practices For Mindful Motherhood

Our minds, is a complex place where our somatic as well as past emotional imprints are very deep. In fact, the adventure of being a mother brings out all of these traits including the ones we did not even know we had. However, these imprints can be very surprising. It might even be frightening sometimes.

When we go into a practice of mindfulness, we automatically begin a journey that has no end, which is about understanding the working of the mind and our relationship with our thoughts. You can start with these three basic mindful exercises or practices for moms.

1. Writing: Begin with the mind journey

You can try this simple exercise to assist you in getting started on your journey into mindfulness: To practice it, try to write down what your idea is about a good partner, person, as well as mother should be. After this, put down how you feel about your feel about yourself and compare it to these ideas that you have already written down. Finally, you should put down where you would like to focus a greater part of your attention on a daily basis. However, this can be as simple as the notion of having more compassion, or it can also be as specific as saying three kind of things to yourself, your, your partner, as well as your children each day.

2. Make every morning to be mindful

This is another small practice you can involve yourself in, to help you start each and everyday with mindfulness. Upon waking up, no matter who is seeking for your attention or even crying, sit upright, “wash” your hands over your face (remember, perform the motion like you were really washing your face) place your feet on the ground and the next thing to do I to take 8 slow, intentional and even breaths. You can either recite a mantra that resonates for you or pause and pay attention to the feeling of the day. Give yourself the space to go quiet and carefully listen to your internal landscape offer a pause from constant reactivity and translates into responsive calm.

3. Practice Mindfulness-asana (Eagle arms with cow face pose)

If you are looking for something that represents mindfulness, you can choose the cow face pose with the eagle arms. This can help you to remember to find perspective.

Yoga gives us numerous benefits, which are both spiritual, physical and emotional. For motherhood, the same thing applies. However, you can get an experience yoga teacher to help align your poses. Register in a yoga teacher-training program to get help and guidance.