How Moms Can Create Time For Yoga

The first and number one commodity for parents is time. In fact, time is everything. However, as we venture into motherhood, it will be as though you went into vortex where time as you experience it before is now rare. There would be few moments to stay think things through, or have a conversation that does not get interrupted or even take care of your basic needs. However, one question I often hear parents make is “How do I create time for yoga practice when I don’t even have the time to take a shower?”

There are many surprises, which comes with parenthood. Over the years, I have noticed that there is no time to stop for a while and acknowledge the huge shift that has occurred when a child comes into our lives. Immediately this happens, everything changes but we still move around with our old expectations of how our yoga practice should look based on how it was before we started having children. However, this does not mean that we should not create time for yoga because yoga is very vital to our lives.

What makes up yoga practice?

The first thing to do is to take into account, those moments you do have in a whole day and how you made use of your time. When you do this, it is very important to pay attention to the amount of love and attention that is growing towards your child or children, as well as whatever age they are. This will help you to create a realistic time frame for different aspects of your life, including your yoga practice.

In addition, what is your deepest intention in life? You should ask yourself this question and find the answer to it as well. When you explore your deepest intentions, it will help to inform your actions, which includes how you make use of your time, as well as how you make space available for things that are in service to your life, your sanity, as well as your vitality. However, if one of your intentions is to create a healthy as well as balanced life for your children, with more emphasis on self-love and care, then you will want to place time and attention aside to cultivate this goal.

Mom-asana (Camatkarasana)

This pose is a very unique one. It gives you the opportunity to explore the openness as well as space in your own heart. To practice this pose, you should first and foremost, warm up with simple sun salutations. However, from downward facing dog, inhale and lift your right leg to the sky.

As moms, there are different yoga poses, you can engage in that will work for you. Just create the time and every other thing will work for you.