Yoga Poses For Men: 7 Best To Consider

If you have a friend who wants to start practicing yoga, you can encourage him to tryout these seven poses. These poses are practically for the male folks, so you can direct him on this. If you do not have the time to start going through books and webpages looking for poses to practice, then, these ones are basically for you. If you as a man can practice them properly, you will get maximum satisfaction and benefits in no distant time. Selecting these seven yoga to practice, will give you something to focus on, instead of making decisions from the numerous options that are available.

Although, you may have a different target, but you can still go ahead and align these ones to your own program.

1. Standing Forward bend

This yoga pose id relatively simple. It somehow resembles bending over and touching your toes. This particular type of pose is excellent for warming-up, before you begin your workout routine. By doing it, you can eliminate tension around the neck, shoulders as well as head region. It is also capable of reducing insomnia and headache.

2. Crescent Lunge

This is a groining-stretching pose. This particular type of pose also helps to loosen up the hips. This is very beneficial. Tight hip can cause some form of stress on the lower back and increase the chances of injury from exercise.

3. Downward dog

This is known as one of the basic as well as famous yoga poses. It can also be considered as one of the best. Practicing this particular type of pose can help with conditions like chronic back pain by simply stretching out badly tensed hamstrings, hips as well as shoulders. It can also assist you to build your upper body strength.

4. Hero

This particular type of yoga pose involves taking a seated posture. It stretches the thighs which in turn helps to reduce problems in the knee area. For runners, this is a perfect pose they can do before moving out in the morning.

5. Chair

This pose is a very special one. It can help to eliminate unsightly abdominal fats and also build strong quads.

6. Warrior

This pose is good for the shoulders and hip stretching. It is also good for all-round body conditioning. This pose is known as the powerhouse of yoga. It can also increase mobility in most crucial areas of the body such as the knees, hips and shoulders.

7. Boat

If you have a friend you want to introduce to yoga practices, tell him to try this pose. It will work his hip flexors, arms, abs as well as spines. It also helps to promote prostrate and thyroid gland hormone

As with any exercise program, make sure to check with a health practitioner before starting a new routine. You could suggest that your man starts a routine with all seven poses. However, if he would like to start slower, suggest that he select poses that address health concerns he may have.